Issy Wood and Lena Dunham on friendship, dark humor and the story behind Wood’s new music video

The first assignment of the day was to find a suitable muse who could act as a proxy for Wood. Nef was in London at the time filming Greta Gerwig’s Barbie and on a rare day off, the trio met to shoot. “I’ve worked with Hari in many different ways over the years and I just knew she was going to get it,” explains Dunham. “Instead of having to push to understand the emotions of the video, they would just be there. As for Hari, it’s always so beautiful on the surface, and that’s what we wanted – to keep it simple but really emotional to feel.” For Nef, the feeling is mutual. “There’s trust and love between Lena and me: we understand each other — it’s quasi-telepathic at times,” she says. “This music video asked for a vulnerability that I could freely offer to Lena, and vice versa. I think our idea of ​​a good time is to get to the depths of feminine feeling.”

Nef as painted by Wood for the video. Photo: Courtesy of Lena Dunham

Then there was the story of the video to get to grips with, which was the story of a woman who was about to have a fuckboy-induced breakdown. While always meant to focus on the inner life of the character in the middle, the close-up photos of Nef’s skin were painted (by Wood, of course) with a series of cryptic motifs – Diet Coke cans, clocks, pills, scissors. , a toothbrush – came to Dunham in a dream while on a flight, leading her to encourage Wood to use body paint for the first time. “I just said to Issy, ‘Make a list of things you associate with, like bitter depression,’ and that’s what she came up with,” Dunham says. “I think she should set up a realistic body painting booth where kids come and get a crumpled cloth on their faces or, you know, eight pills of Prozac, but she hasn’t talked me into that yet.” Wood adds, “I’m just waiting for the school holidays to start.”

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