Is Vladimir Putin sick? Russian leader gets emergency medical help

The Russian leader has been advised by doctors not to make “long” public appearances after feeling sick talking to military leaders, it is alleged.

Vladimir Putin needed “urgent medical attention” after being struck by a mysterious illness, Kremlin insiders say.

The Russian leader has been advised by doctors not to make “long” public appearances after feeling sick talking to military leaders, it is alleged.

He felt “sharp illness, weakness and dizziness” as he rose from his desk after the hour-and-a-half virtual session, the General SVR Telegram channel reported, which is said to be run by someone with insider knowledge of the Kremlin.

“The president needed urgent medical attention.”

The channel has made repeated claims in the past about Putin’s alleged medical problems, including cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

The claims – which the station says are based on inside intelligence – are impossible to verify, but the theory that he has health problems is gaining popularity in the West.

The station cited the “dizziness incident” as explaining an abrupt announcement this week that Putin’s annual live broadcast “Direct Line” — a Q&A when he answers questions from ordinary Russians — had been postponed.

It was scheduled for the second half of June or early July, but now no date has been specified.

Despite this, Putin made a rather rare public appearance in Moscow on Thursday.

He was close to several people at an event to mark the 350th anniversary of Peter the Great’s birth and a session at the same location with young entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists, suggesting there are fewer concerns than before that he could be coviding Covid. to get.

He boasted that by going to war in Ukraine, he was following in the footsteps of the Tsar, who had conquered land from Sweden.

“What did (Peter) do? Take back and strengthen,” he said.

‘That’s what he did. And it seems it fell on us to take back and strengthen as well.”

He also admitted that Russians will have to wait ten years to live better after the country has been cut off from the world by sanctions over its invasion of Ukraine.

During the meeting with young entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists, he was asked: “So will we live better in 10 years?”

He replied: “Yeah, finally this [reaching the goals I have set] will lead to a better quality of life.”

Some recent photos show him looking more frail or with a swollen face, gripping the side of desks to keep his hand from shaking, critics say.

But General SVR said: “The postponement of the live [Direct Line] with the president indefinitely is due to Vladimir Putin’s unstable health.

“A week ago, the president was preparing to answer questions from Russian citizens in late June-early July.

“But his doctors advised him not to make long public appearances for the foreseeable future.

“The latest argument for not speaking to the public was an incident following a recent hour-and-a-half video link meeting with representatives of the military bloc…

“After the meeting, Putin felt a sharp illness, weakness and dizziness as he tried to get up from the table.

“The president needed urgent medical attention.”

In four of the past five years, Direct Line has aired in June.

In 2020, it was postponed to December due to the pandemic.

On the format, Putin answers questions for four hours, but the station said: “Lately, the president is getting tired much faster.

“Perhaps if Putin’s health can be stabilized, the Direct Line will be held in August.

“The Russian president’s period has been getting harder and harder to hide lately.”

General SVR claims to be written by an exiled Kremlin lieutenant general known by the alias Viktor Mikhailovich, who allegedly has access to Putin’s secrets.

It was the first outlet to suggest that Putin was suffering from cancer.

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