IS claims attack on Pakistan embassy that injured security guard

ISLAMABAD — Islamic State has claimed responsibility for last week’s shooting at the Pakistani embassy in Afghanistan, in which the head of the mission escaped unharmed but a security guard was injured.

In a brief statement late Saturday, IS claimed that two of its fighters attacked “the renegade Pakistani ambassador and his guards” while on the grounds of the Pakistani embassy, ​​wounding a guard and causing damage to the building. It gave no further details.

Pakistani guard Israr Mohammad, who belongs to the army’s commando unit, was injured in Friday’s attack in the Afghan capital Kabul. But the mission’s chief, Ubaid-ur-Rehman NizamaniIt, was unharmed.

The attack came amid rising tensions between South Asian neighbors over Islamabad’s claims that anti-Pakistani government forces are orchestrating militant attacks from hideouts in Afghanistan.

Mohammad was transported to Pakistan for medical treatment.

In Islamabad, the foreign ministry said it is trying to confirm IS’s claim.


Associated Press writer Maamoun Youssef in Cairo contributed.

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