Iron Man Gets Redesigned Armor in Fanart Marvel Can’t Ignore

Iron Man gets a new armor design in fan art from talented artist and designer Kris Anka (Runaways, Spider-Woman) that Marvel Comics can’t ignore

In a brand new fan art redesign from talented artist Kris Anka, Iron Man gets an all-new armor that Marvel Comics should use as an official look for the hero. On his Twitter account, Anka shared a new armor design for Tony Stark, as it harks back to Iron Man’s Ultimate ensemble, but offers something different and exciting for the character. Like Anka’s official redesigns, Marvel should make the look canon in a future story.


Iron Man has worn numerous armor pieces during his time as a hero. From his beginnings building bulky armor in a cave from scrap to some of his most advanced suits, such as his Extremis armor, Tony Stark has no shortage of armor to wear. With over 50 different armor sets across the Marvel universe, the different suits show how Stark is always innovating and improving his technology to face any threat or challenge. Now Kris Anka is redesigning Iron Man with a look that begs to become an official look for the old Avenger.

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on his Twitter account, artist Kris Anka (Runaways, Captain Marvel) shared his fan art redesign of Iron Man, which gives the hero spectacular new armor. Anka said the armor would be what he would design if given the chance to tackle the character. The suit looks fantastic, as it is emphasized by a semi-transparent helmet, with numerous technical features through the multicolored armor. It has a similar feel to Iron Man’s Ultimate universe armor, but improves on that look. The new Iron Man suit can be connected and has an internal hydraulic skeleton, is flexible and shock absorbing. Check out Anka’s redesign for Tony Stark below!

Kris Anka’s recent work, such as his new costumes and looks for Spider-Woman, Star-Lord and the X-Men, has cemented his position as one of the best design artists in comics. While drawing the excellent Iron Man fan art, Anka is also working on character designs for the upcoming Spider-Man: About the Spider-Verse. So expect more redesigns from the talented artist soon.

With the new redesign, Tony Stark gets armor worthy of being worn by Iron Man. While it might feel weird to call the image fan art, considering it comes from someone as prolific as Kris Anka, it’s technically unofficial. Hopefully Marvel Comics realizes how great the Iron Man redesign and chooses to use it in a future storyline because it’s too cool to just stay as a fan art. We’d love to see it in action in the Marvel Universe.

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Source: Kris Anka

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