Ireland hosts informal UN Security Council meeting on media freedom, Abu Akleh | United Nations News

All 15 members of the highest body of the United Nations are expected to attend Tuesday’s meeting.

Ireland’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations has said her country will host an informal Security Council meeting to discuss media freedom and shed light on the murder of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.

Geraldine Byrne Nason said on Monday that all 15 members of the Security Council are expected to attend Tuesday’s session, which will address media freedom and the security of journalists — issues raised by the 11-year-old Abu Akleh assassination. May.

Byrne Nason will chair the meeting, which will be briefed by Irene Khan, UN Special Rapporteur on media freedom, and Jon Williams, board member of media watchdog Committee to Protect Journalists. A journalist from the AFP news agency and a representative from Al Jazeera will also attend the information session at the UN.

The announcement comes after Abu Akleh, 51, an experienced Al Jazeera Arab television reporter, was shot dead on May 11 while reporting an Israeli army attack in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin.

Al Jazeera has accused the Israeli military of killing Abu Akleh “in cold blood” and has called for an independent investigation.

Witnesses and colleagues at the scene said Israeli forces shot Abu Akleh and injured another Palestinian journalist.

The Israeli army and the prime minister initially said Palestinian fighters may have been responsible. It later said Abu Akleh may have been accidentally shot by Israeli army fire.

Last week, Israeli media reported that the Israeli military will not conduct a criminal investigation.

Global Condemnation

The murder of Abu Akleh, a Palestinian American and a household name throughout the Arab world, has been condemned internationally.

The condemnation mounted after Israeli troops beat bearers with batons during Abu Akleh’s funeral in Jerusalem, nearly dropping her coffin.

On May 13, the Security Council called for an “immediate, thorough, transparent, fair and impartial investigation” into the Abu Akleh assassination and emphasized the need to account.

Israeli police beat mourners and porters as they carried Shireen Abu Akleh’s coffin at her funeral on May 13, 2022 [Maya Levin/AP]

The UN Human Rights Office also called for an independent investigation, saying the killing could be a war crime.

“The assassination of Abu Akleh is another serious attack on media freedom and freedom of expression amid the escalation of violence in the occupied West Bank,” UN experts said on May 13.

The UN experts said Abu Akleh’s death came amid a high number of attacks on Palestinian journalists and increasing violence in the occupied West Bank and Gaza. According to experts, last year was the highest number of Palestinian deaths from clashes with Israeli forces since 2014.

Under international law, journalists should not be targeted and should be protected as citizens.

On the day she was shot, Abu Akleh was wearing a helmet and vest that clearly identified her as a journalist.

The Doha-based network has said Abu Akleh’s assassination was “intended to prevent the media from doing their duty”.

On Monday, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry announced that it has formally requested the International Criminal Court to investigate the murder of the Al Jazeera journalist.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he was “shocked by the murder”.

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