Iraq.. a young generation preparing to enter the political arena

Hoda Jassim (Baghdad)

The 2021 parliamentary elections in Iraq, against the backdrop of massive protests claiming the lives of thousands of demonstrators, motivated a large young generation to run for provincial elections expected to be held next year.
And the seats that young people won in parliament, either within the “Extension” movement that emerged from the protest movements, or independently, about 30 seats, gave an extra impetus to others, either to prepare for the provincial elections or to political arena in general.
A number of Iraqi youths in different provinces meet regularly to prepare for and participate in local elections.
Safaa, a civic activist from Dhi Qar Governorate, told Al-Ittihad that he and a group of youths who took part in the 2019 protests are preparing to get votes in the municipal elections, expecting the youth to get the highest marks in the elections.
In turn, Rafie Hammadi, who works as an engineer in one of the institutions, considered entering the political arena to fulfill the promise he made to himself and his colleagues to change the reality of the poor and to provide them with services. conferring by his proximity to the decision-making centers when he wins.
The Iraqi Council of Representatives had disbanded the provincial councils in response to the demands of the popular protests that began in 2019, due to the escalation of disputes between the members of these councils and their cause of waste of public money and the spread of financial and administrative corruption in their job.
Despite the political disagreements over the electoral law and its provisions regarding voter counting, the age of the candidate, the number of councilors and the method of voting, the government of Muhammad al-Sudani announced through its government program that it promised local elections in the following year. A few days ago, Al-Sudani held a joint meeting with Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi to discuss the support of the Independent High Electoral Commission and its preparations for holding provincial elections.
According to a statement from Al-Sudani’s office: “A joint meeting was held with the Speaker of Parliament, Muhammad al-Halbousi, attended by the head of the Independent High Electoral Commission, Judge Jalil Adnan, and was devoted to discussing of the obstacles faced by the Commission’s work and preparations for holding the provincial elections.”
Legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi believes that provincial elections based on Article 122 of the constitution are still valid and can only be abolished by a constitutional amendment.
Al-Tamimi added in statements to Al-Ittihad: that these councils fall within the governing mechanism in Iraq and the democratic system, and therefore elections should be held sooner to avoid any legal violations.

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