Inside disgusting flat where four kids lived among ‘garbage heaps and rats’

WARNING TERRIBLE CONTENT A man and woman have been arrested in Texas for the “terrible” condition of a condo where four children, ages two to 13, lived with piles of garbage and rats

Police piles of trash in Bexar County, Texas condo

A man and woman have been arrested over the “horrible” condition of a flat where four children lived with piles of trash and rats scurrying around.

The police were called because of the foul smell coming from the condo in Bexar County, Texas.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said the stench was so bad that police expected to find a body, but instead discovered bags of garbage, including rotting food, insects and feces.

Officials said it was one of the worst endangering scenes for children they’d ever seen, Sheriff Salazar said, and rats even walked all over their feet as they investigated the incident.

The police were called because of a foul smell coming from the flat


Bexar County Sheriff Office)

The sheriff said the two adults living at the property, the 37-year-old mother of the four children, and a 33-year-old man were both taken into custody. The man is not a US citizen and is believed to be from Europe.

The two adults have been charged four times with endangering a child, reports.

The children are said to be between two and 13 years old and the oldest was not present when the police arrived.

Officials said they even found rats running around when they investigated


Bexar County Sheriff Office)

And an eight-year-old reportedly said she regularly misses school because of a headache.

Sheriff Salazar told a news conference that conditions in the flat were “appalling” and that although the children did not appear malnourished, the condition of the house was putting their lives at risk.

“Bugs and literally rats crawled over the detectives’ feet,” Salazar said. “We couldn’t figure out why the children have been living in these conditions for a long time.”

Two adults have been detained by police on charges of endangering the lives of children, it has been reported


Bexar County Sheriff Office)

The sheriff said the children’s mother worked as an assistant at a hospital, adding, “She should definitely know better.”

“There is no reason to store waste. There’s a regular dumpster service,” Salazar said.

The sheriff said Child Protective Services is making a plan to keep the children living with relatives for the time being.

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