Inside Brad Pitt’s multimillion-dollar campervan

With two Academy Awards, dozens of starring roles in films grossing over $7.2 billion, and some of the best screen appearances the world has ever seen, Brad Pitt is a force of nature in the entertainment industry.

His remarkable career has also left the A-lister with a personal fortune believed to be worth around $435 million.

As a result, the man’s influence on a movie set is profound and perhaps best articulated through the actor’s accommodation during the making of a movie.

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The living room is huge and decked out with a range of modern amenities. (Great American country)

According to The sunThe 58-year-old’s favorite living space on set is a whopping 15-foot RV, making the average penthouse look a bit pedestrian.

Unable to move under its own power, the dizzying house on wheels must be transported using a large semi-trailer.

The Pitt mobile home, estimated to be worth about $1.2 million, has a whopping floor space that only expands when four independent sections of the structure are hydraulically extended outwards to create even more space.

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The master bedroom is private and big enough for a queen bed. (Great American country)

Inside, the space is much more opulent than in an average caravan or motorhome, with the actor enjoying a top-notch kitchen, living room and breakfast area.

The main advantage of the movable treasure, however, is its own large master bedroom, which is large enough for a queen-size bed.

As luxurious as the RV Pitt uses while on set, however, it pales in comparison to the Once upon a time in… Hollywood star’s real estate portfolio.

Although the actor has lived and owned homes all over the world, his most breathtaking property has to be his French winery and villa called Ch√Ęteau Miraval.

Pitt bought the beautiful estate in 2011 with then-partner Angelina Jolie, and the couple even tied the knot at the idyllic estate in 2014.

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