Influencer shows how she takes photos for Instagram – fake beach included

Kendall Kiper, 20, created a fake sandbag beach scene to snap Instagram-worthy photos — and people praised her honesty for admitting it was staged

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Influencer reveals the reality of her fake beach photos

A social media influencer who created a completely fake beach scene for her Instagram photos was praised for admitting the scenery wasn’t natural — and some applauded her “dedication to the content.”

Kendall Kiper, 20, works full-time as a content creator and is often hired to post ads on Instagram from brands looking for a specific setting to sell their products.

A recent campaign called for beach-themed photos, and Kendall—who doesn’t live near a ready-made tropical beach—decided to get creative and put together a fake beach scene to get the perfect shot.

The woman, from Atlanta, Georgia, picked up six bags of sand for $45 (£34) and posed in a paddling pool to create the illusion of swimming in crystal-clear water — all from the comfort of her own garden.

Kendall’s pool photo


Jam Press Vid / @ kendallkiper)

Kendall’s beach photo


Jam Press/@kendallkiper)

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And while the photos on Instagram turned out flawless, Kendall also took to TikTok to show fans exactly how she created her images and was praised for being honest about her “Instagram vs reality” moment.

A commenter on the video – which has more than 8.9 million views – wrote: “The dedication to the content.”

While another added: “Just giving in to the ‘beach’ makes you so likable.”

Kendall was blown away by the comments she received, saying that while she has received some negativity for “creating a false reality,” most people have seen the bright side of what she was trying to do.

Kendall takes her pool photo


Jam Press/@kendallkiper)

Kendall takes her beach photo



She said: “Inspiring others is all I’ve ever wanted to do, it feels like a dream come true for this to happen, especially after giving up so much in the past year.

“I’ve also had a lot of hate comments, mostly people telling me it’s ‘sad’ or that I’m ‘creating a false reality’ – I don’t agree with either one.

“I remember being 13 and on social media, I would have been spared so much self-loathing growing up if someone had shown me that not everything is as glamorous as it seems.

“Now that I’m in a position where young girls look up to me, I want them to know that.”

Kendall uses her mom and her tripod to get most of her shots, and her mom comes up with ideas of her own — including the “beach” shot.

And the woman said she even got occasional comments from passersby who see her taking pictures in front of her house.

She added: “Some people stare, others honk, some shout mean things and some don’t even look. It really just depends on the day I guess.

“When people are rude, I just remember how lucky I am to do this. I don’t let people I don’t even know stop me from doing what I love, for fun or business.”

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