Individual weapons and the cycle of violence – Al-Ittihad newspaper

Individual Weapons and the Cycle of Violence

Individual weapons and the cycle of violence - Al-Ittihad newspaper
Individual weapons and the cycle of violence - Al-Ittihad newspaper

The United States is in shock after the murder of 19 children at the hands of an armed young man at their school in Yuvaldi, Texas.” Moved, he added: “It is time to turn this pain into action, for every parent, for every citizen of this country. We must make it clear to every elected official in this country that it is time to act. “
The president (“Democrat”) also attacked the “Republican” opposition, which has so far stunted all its efforts to pass measures in Congress, such as mandating criminal records and psychological history for anyone who wants to buy a firearm before sell it to him.
The United States has witnessed frequent incidents of violence and shootings in schools and bars, resulting in dozens of innocent deaths. One of the most famous incidents that can be mentioned here is the murder of 20 children in Connecticut in 2012, after a man opened fire on them in a school, and in 2018 a high school student in Texas killed eight of his classmates, a incident several months prior to another incident in which he killed 17 people. And each time, these incidents revive the heated debate in the country about the use and purchase of firearms.
However, the possibility of tightening firearms laws is far from being realized due to obvious legal reasons and opposition from Republicans. Possession of firearms by American citizens is one of the rights recognized by the United States Constitution more than two centuries ago, and the United States of America is the only country in the world that allows its citizens to carry guns even on the street, based on on the principle of respect for individual freedom. The US Constitution derives the article “the right to armaments” from the principle that this right is a natural right.
Despite the acceleration of tragic accidents resulting from the use of individual weapons, and despite the increasing demand for tightening of laws governing the sale of weapons in the country, the lobbies of arms manufacturers and dealers have a major influence on the legal process in Congress By disrupting many of the proposed laws aimed at strengthening controls over the purchase and possession of weapons. These lobbies also fund the presidential election with millions of dollars. What’s worse than all of this is that indiscriminate shootings are increasing the demand for guns on the part of Americans, as U.S. regulations governing the sale of firearms have become more lenient than in previous years, causing the halting of the sale of firearms. further excludes weapons.

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