India rejects OIC criticism of Yasin Malik . conviction

India on Friday criticized the OIC-IPHRC for its criticism of the verdict in the terror financing case involving Yasin Malik, saying the organization has implicitly expressed support for the terrorist activities.

India urged the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) not to justify terrorism in any way, saying the world has zero tolerance for the threat.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said Malik’s terrorist activities have been documented and brought to trial.

Responding to media inquiries about OIC-IPHRC’s comments on the NIA Court’s verdict regarding Yasin Malik, Bagchi said India finds the comments unacceptable.

“India finds the comments made by the OIC-IPHRC today unacceptable to criticize India for the ruling in the Yasin Malik case. Through these comments, OIC-IPHRC has implicitly expressed support for Yasin Malik’s terrorist activities, which were documented and presented in the Court. The world is committed to zero tolerance for terrorism and we urge the OIC not to justify this in any way,” Bagchi said.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) court on Wednesday awarded a life sentence to Yasin Malik, a terrorist from Jammu and Kashmir, in a terrorist financing case.

The NIA court sentenced Malik to life imprisonment and also fined Rs 10 lakh.

He was twice sentenced to life imprisonment. NIA had demanded the death penalty for the terrorist leader convicted on May 19.

Malik had told the court that he was not contesting the charges against him.

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