I’m trying to lose weight but my husband loves my curves and sabotages it – I even found him covered in squirting cream

ONE WOMAN has revealed that her husband is doing everything he can to sabotage her weight loss journey.

After starring in TLC Hot & Heavy, the 23rd Kristin, from Florida, revealed that she wanted to shed some pounds in order to undergo gastric bypass surgery and eventually — become a mother.


Kristin’s Husband, Rusty, Tried to “Lighten the Mood”Credit: TLC UK
Despite her best efforts she was not happy


Despite her best efforts she was not happyCredit: TLC UK

However, not everyone is so keen on seeing the 35-year-old get slimmer – her curve-loving husband Rusty, 39, revealed he wasn’t sure he’d like her if she were smaller.

“I’ve dated women of all shapes and sizes and for me, the bigger the better.

“Not only do I physically prefer it, but skinny women tend to be full of themselves,” said the commercial air conditioning contractor Kristin met at Disney World.

But despite Rusty’s love for his wife’s figure, whom she preferred to describe as “fat” and “fat,” Kristin desperately wanted to lose some weight.

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Not only was she diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but the excess weight also affected her fertility and ability to have a baby — something the 35-year-old had wanted since childhood.

Fortunately, after a visit to a doctor, with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of no less than 60 (super morbid obesity), Kristin agreed to have gastric bypass surgery.

But this required her to shred 30 pounds first — and of course Rusty wasn’t particularly thrilled about this, especially considering the handsome personal trainer his wife had booked.

”I don’t like to see such a handsome man come in to spend quality time with my wife.

”I try to see her point of view and her path, but […] I’m having a hard time getting into this.”

And it was indeed worth getting on board. Rusty even went so far as to smear himself in bed with squirt cream to entice Kristin to break out of her new healthy lifestyle.

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“Since Kristin has been so serious about dieting and exercise lately, I just want to show her that we can lighten the mood a bit.

“My hope for tonight is that she devours the banana split.”

But despite his best efforts, Kristin, who would rather be taken out on a date when the two would do something active, wasn’t too impressed.

“I wish he would just jump on board and come to terms with it because it’s happening,” she said.

“I’m having surgery so we can have a baby and look at you.

“Like, this is absurd – […] you don’t support me.

“You just want to keep me fat. I’m over it. Enough.”

And it wasn’t just Kristin who wasn’t thrilled with Rusty’s action — viewers didn’t like it either.

How is it fair that he clearly trains and eats properly and she is not allowed to do that? Relationships are all about balance,” one commented.

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Another agreed, adding: “He’s the definition of a feeder. He sees his wife as an object rather than a person.”

A third chuckled: “If she drops the guy, that 175 pounds is gone.”

The 35-year-old had hired a personal trainer to help her shred some pounds


The 35-year-old had hired a personal trainer to help her shred some poundsCredit: TLC UK
Rusty said he'd always preferred bigger women and wasn't sure if he'd like Kristin if she got thinner


Rusty said he’d always preferred bigger women and wasn’t sure if he’d like Kristin if she got thinnerCredit: TLC UK
Some suggested that she should not only lose weight, but should also drop Rusty


Some suggested that she should not only lose weight, but should also drop RustyCredit: TLC UK

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