I’m devastated after spending £3,000 on tickets for Taylor Hawkins’ tribute concert – Ticketmaster is a joke

HUNDREDS of fans have criticized Ticketmaster after their tickets to the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert were suddenly cancelled.

Fans paid up to £345 for the sold-out performance, but were told on Wednesday they weren’t allowed in.


Taylor Hawkins died in his hotel room earlier this year during a Foo Fighters tourCredit: Getty

Tickets were also sold by See Tickets who also reportedly sent cancellation emails.

Many defeated fans have already organized trips and accommodation.

Lynda Willoughby, 61, bought three tickets for £1,000 as a 17th birthday present for her son Ben.

The family, from Northallerton, Yorks, spent a further £2,000 on trains and accommodation.

She told The Sun: “It’s devastating, the concert would be a fantastic birthday present for Ben.

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“They announced that more people would be performing and Ben was very excited when we got an email about half an hour later to say we couldn’t go and we would be refunded.

“It’s a joke.”

A source close to The Foo Fighters assured that true fans of The Sun would receive their tickets and Ticketmaster would contact anyone affected by the cancellations.

They said: “In an effort to prevent touts from getting their hands on tickets and selling them at an astronomical cost, some group bookings or bookings made under a suspicious email address are being cancelled.

“Ticketmaster will then contact those people individually and once they have verified they are not touts, their tickets will be issued to them.

“Fans whose tickets have been canceled will be contacted by Ticketmaster and will still be attending the concert.”

It is not clear exactly how many tickets have been cancelled.

The show is still expected to continue.

Taylor Hawkins, 50, died in March in the Colombian capital, Bogota, where Foo Fighters was said to be hosting a music festival.

The American rock band later announced its passing with “great sadness” after their “staggering loss”.

His death sparked dozens of tributes from fellow musicians, many of whom will be playing the tribute show at Wembley next month.

The money earned from ticket sales and merchandise is donated to charities chosen by Taylor Hawkins’ family.

The Wembley concert for the Foo Fighters drummer features a star-studded lineup that includes Liam Gallagher, Brian May and Stewart Copeland.

Drummers including Martin Chambers of The Pretenders, Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and Blink-182’s Travis Barker will also make an appearance.

Ticketmaster’s cancellation email stated: “We have to cancel your booking due to ticket irregularities.

“We’ve already refunded your tickets, so you don’t have to do anything.”

Ticketmaster became furious on Twitter after the cancellation emails and asked smoking fans to contact customer service.

One said: “Hundreds of people have been screwed by the ticketmaster who canceled Taylor Hawkins tickets with no explanation what should be a once in a lifetime memory card has been canceled with no explanation.”

Another asked the ticket seller, “When are you going to give an explanation for canceling my Taylor Hawkins ticket?

“And I don’t mean your pathetic generic “not our fault” I bought my tickets through YOU 9 weeks ago.

“I deserve an explanation of what irregularities in bookings mean.”

A third added: “Can you please explain why so many Taylor Hawkins tickets have been cancelled?

“We’ve been sending emails and just getting general responses. It’s outrageous.”

Ticketmaster, See Tickets and Wembley have been contacted for comment.

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Ticketmaster sent a cancellation email on Wednesday


Ticketmaster sent a cancellation email on WednesdayCredit: Ticketmaster
Hundreds of Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert Tickets Canceled


Hundreds of Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert Tickets CanceledCredit: Getty

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