I’m A Smart Shopper – The Beauty Purchases To Pick Up At Home Bargains, Savers & Wilko To Save Loads On Your Weekly Store

WITH the cost of living not going to drop anytime soon, we are all looking for ways to save money on our weekly shopping.

And savvy shoppers take to social media to share their bargains, which has saved them a lot in the long run.


People go to TikTok to show off their low-cost beauty purchases, like this deodorant from SaversCredit: @iftheshoefitswearit/Tiktok
This micellar water costs just £3.49 in some places, compared to £6.99 elsewhere


This micellar water costs just £3.49 in some places, compared to £6.99 elsewhereCredit: @savers_hb/Tiktok

Home Bargains

It’s one of the most popular discount stores and it’s not hard to see why.

Aimee took to TikTok to share her best beauty buys from the store, including some summer essentials.

First she shared the Ambre Solaire Natural Bronzer Quick Drying Dark Self Tan Mist, which she picked up for £4.99 – in other stores it usually costs around £7.

She also couldn’t resist buying the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion – which she also got for £4.99, compared to £6 elsewhere.

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Lauren recently shared a video on TikTok raving about the Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes tone-saving shampoo and conditioner, which sold Home Bargains for 99p, compared to at least £4.99 in other stores.

While Daisy Woods also went to TikTok to get excited about the things she’d bought in the store, including a bag of Westlab Magnesium Flakes for her bath for just £2.99.

In fact, Home Bargains is currently doing a deal on these flakes, selling a box of two bags for just £4.50.

They can cost up to £7.50 per bag in other stores.


Another much-loved discount store is Savers, where people pick up toiletries, makeup, and even wine from the store.

If the Shoe Fits recently took to her TikTok account to share something from the store, with the Mitchum deodorant being one of her top buys.

“Would you believe they do the Mitchum, the good ones… In Sainsbury’s it was £5, in Savers £2.15,” she exulted.

She was talking about the Mitchum Powder Fresh Stick, which is currently out of stock on the Savers website.

A local Savers store also recently shared a TikTok video of some of their new products, including a refillable pouch of Garnier Honey Treasures’ strengthening shampoo.

While it’s £4.80 in other stores, they sell it for £2.39 at Savers.

And the Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher Kit is available in four different shades for just £1.99, compared to up to £6.00 elsewhere.

If you’re in need of a new micellar water then Savers is definitely the place to go as they have the Garnier Vitamin C micellar water for just £3.49 while it can cost up to £6.99 in other stores.


Although Wilko is usually associated with household items, lately people have found it to be a brilliant place to pick up a beauty bargain.

In addition to their much-loved makeup ranges, such as Essence, Wilko also has regular promotions for their skin care and hair care products.

One TikToker recently shared a video showing off their Wilko pull, which includes the Simple Eye Makeup Remover and Simple Eye Balm.

These are currently offered in-store for £2.20 and £2.50 respectively, while in other stores they usually sell for £4.20 and £4.00.

Meanwhile, Jade Shannon posted a TikTok bragging about her Wilko deals, including a Dove Visible Glow Self-Tan Lotion.

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Although Jade bought hers some time ago, it currently retails for £2.50 – while other shops usually sell it for around £4.50.

And Lauren recently shared a video gushing about Wilko’s shower money deal – where you can get two products for just £1.80.

Another mom shared her bargain of Magnesium Flakes she picked up from Home Bargains


Another mom shared her bargain of Magnesium Flakes she picked up from Home BargainsCredit: @muddlethroughmummy/Tiktok
And this tanning lotion is a bargain price in Wilko, as it's on offer for £2.50


And this tanning lotion is a bargain price in Wilko, as it’s on offer for £2.50Credit: @jadeshannon__/Tiktok

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