If walking keeps you healthy right now, these tweets are for you

You read Move, the push we need to get active but make us happiest and healthiest.

The world around us may be crumbling, but at least we have our mental health walks, hot girl walks or whatever the hell you want to call them… right?

But, like all good things in life, walking isn’t perfect. For starters, it is necessary to get out of bed to do it. There is also the idea (read: myth) that you need 10,000 steps a day to be successful. Then there’s the fact that the walk must eventually end and bring us back to reality.

The love of hiking — and the love of sniffing it — has invaded Twitter. If you’re someone who enjoys hiking, or at least begrudgingly understands its benefits, we’ve rounded up a few tweets from like-minded souls who feel the same way. Scroll on for some recognizable takes.

Move celebrates exercise in all its forms, with accessible features that encourage you to add movement to your day – because it’s not only good for the body, but also the mind. We get it: Workouts can be a bit of a slog, but there are ways you can get more exercise without fear. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, YouTube workouts or hula hoop routines, exercise should be something to enjoy.

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