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Aladdin Mahmoud
In this corner we celebrate a group of our most prominent creators who have delivered aesthetic and entertaining literary accents, enriched the conscience, heightened the taste of the readers and gave us food that expresses the achievements of the country, its transformations of society and human concerns. us on the paths of life.
“I practice creativity not just to announce my existence, but to let the writing have its value and impact, because for me it is an action for change,” said the Emirati story oak tree, Ibrahim Mubarak, to announce that behind the act of writing is a point of view on life and existence, for it is not an issue for him. It is absurd, and it is not self-promotion, but rather it is a “louver” of light, inspiring hope and urging contemplation and reflection. Gibran likened it to an oak tree when he said: “It is a great and great tree whose roots extend all over the bottom of the land.”.
Mubarak carries in his narrative project the national affair and the human horizon, he made the details of the daily reality and the life of ordinary people a material for his narrative themes Hope for the good, progress and a rich future for the Arab nation flirted with their horizons. That period was prosperous and saturated with clear writing, and the makers were the bearers of the banner of change for a better future. Therefore, Mubarak was not only an observer of reality based on raw immediacy, but rather the seed of a dream grows in his stories and stories. The great transformations, and this is what many works attest to, as he is characterized by a unique style of storytelling and techniques with which he withstands these intellectual burdens, and perhaps this diversity in technical and artistic methods is what Mubarak used so that he did not falls into the trap of immediacy, and so that he can involve the reader in his thoughts. And his dreams, without boring him, because his fictional works are a field and a theater the situations expressed and represented by characters created with creativity and mastery roam, so we see in his stories the multiplicity of voices that express the conflict between old and old. It is new and follows the transformations that took place in the Emirates as a local reality, or in the Arab world as a large and vast country.
broad title
A great love and love that Mubarak bears for his country and society, and a great fondness and a special love for shooting realistic life scenes, and it seems that this love for the country is a broad title for the story of Ibrahim Mubarak, as he loved the Emirates and recounts the details of history, life and social reality in his narrative writings, and Mubarak still expresses a loving heart to The past, nostalgia takes him on tours of the places that witnessed the cradle of his youth, and his youth, so he lives strongly in his stories that testify to a deep love story between the writer and the place. » In the Jumeirah area of ​​Dubai, and there were many environmental and geographical factors that are vocabulary, stylistic and narrative themes, where the sea, fishing boats and details of life before the oil. Show affection and love between people, and that warm living had an impact on shaping Mubarak’s literary and creative personality, not only at the level of subject writing, but even in his critique of the spirit and style of the time. Creative writing, because he has a moment knocking on his door that he doesn’t know about, and doesn’t count, so the narration for him is an act for people, and so is his daily writing through the press column he swore to community issues and human concerns and concerns, as an expression of their views and ties to them, For Mubarak, the real intellectual is the one who embraces the masses, not one who is far removed from them, sitting in an ivory tower and seeing things from that height.
temptation to write
Mubarak sided with the simple, because he lived their life, and he says, “We came from poor families and we were unable to buy books, so the club’s library provided us with many of them, especially the novels and stories by Naguib Mahfouz and Youssef El Sebaei, in addition to international literature, especially the works of Maxim Gorky and Tolstoy.“These creative tables provided by the Al Nasr Club library in Dubai in the late 1960s and early 1970s were the facilities that Mubarak used at the beginning of his creative career when he was a reader before being seduced into writing as Mubarak was part of a cultural group that joined the club where they left To read what is in their hands of literature and scientific and literary books, and the club’s cultural committee provided them with stories, novels and various publications, and this deepened Mubarak’s literary interest in the university. versitarian stage, which for him was a major turning point in his life. There he met Ahmed Rashid Thani, Khaled Badr and others, documenting Such is his relationship with the short story, and that was Mubarak’s true beginnings with literature, in a journey that still bears fruit in creativity and beauty.
unique contract
Mubarak’s first works reflected a real experience and artistic maturity, as they were influenced by the social atmosphere and the ideas that began to appear in it. His first story, “Beating the Speculators” in 1974, articulated the issue of women in the context of the concerns of the period. It is noted that Mubarak entered the field of creative writing early on. His first creative efforts were influenced by the general atmosphere in the 1970s, after which his first collection of short stories entitled “Moss” was published in 1987, then weaving from his many works such as: “Snow Bird”, ” Khan” and “Windsail”. And “The Banks of Speech”, “The Thirst of the Sea”, “Desert Cinder”, “The Boredom of the Night Bird”, and other pearls, a precious and unique necklace that adorns a good Emirati story.

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