I spent an hour trying desperately to save 7-year-old girl who drowned in Mallorca’s swimming pool as family screamed for help, British hero says

An ex-HERO crew performed CPR on a seven-year-old Irish girl for over an hour after she was taken from a swimming pool in Mallorca and later died.

The British holidaymaker, 42, from Newcastle, was at the four-star HYB Eurocalas hotel in the east coast resort of Calas de Mallorca when the youngster got into trouble in the hotel’s pool.


Irish girl, 7, died two days after being taken from a hotel pool in Mallorca

The former British Army fusilier told The Sun how he spent more than an hour desperately trying to save the girl using CPR techniques, while chaos ensued.

He sprang into action after saying that another health worker at the scene had pronounced the girl dead and that his army training had taught him never to give up CPR.

He spent an hour pumping her chest until a paramedic arrived to take her to Palma hospital, where she sadly died two days later.

A German holidaymaker was the first to see the girl and pull her out of the water before the ex-soldier, who was only a few yards away, jumped to the rescue.

Girl, 7, dies after being removed from hotel pool and rushed to intensive care
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The father of two told the Sun: “Someone grabbed the girl and pulled her out of the pool, I saw it and jumped in and helped get her out.

“I started CPR and then someone said they were a pediatric nurse, so she jumped on the compressions and I put on the mask to try and pump some air into her.

“But the mask was just too big for her head, so I ended up giving her mouth to mouth because more air was getting into her.

“But then the nurse got up and left, she left. She went back to her lounger and told people she was gone.

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“I never intended to stop, what if that was my child? No one knew how long she had been there [the pool]†

“It is my understanding that if you are going to give CPR to someone, you give CPR until you are physically exhausted or a medical professional takes over.

“When we gave her CPR, she came back. I thought we had her back.”

The Briton revealed how, on the first day of their holiday, the girl’s family watched in horror as rescuers tried to rescue her by the pool.

The Briton says his partner took the girl’s siblings away from the gruesome scene while another guest called an ambulance.

He believes the youngster went from the kiddie pool to the adult pool without her armbands, where she got into trouble.

I would never stop, what if that was my kid? No one knew how long she had been there

Hero Brit

He added: “The girl’s older sister came over and she screamed ‘that’s my sister, that’s my sister’.

“It went on for a long time” [the resusitation]her mother was absolutely frantic, the father tried his best to keep her calm.

The former squad also criticized attempts by authorities to rescue the girl, saying there were not enough lifeguards and no clear plan of action for a life-saving emergency.

He said: “If a child goes missing in Spain, the area is locked up and it’s all hands on deck, but there’s no place for a child to drown.

“You call, they have to be there as soon as possible. We were resuscitating for over an hour.

“The police arrived first and took over CPR, and people protected her with towels.

“A doctor came and there was just no urgency. We were the ones running around to help.”

The young girl was taken to an intensive care unit in critical condition on Monday.

But on Wednesday, sources at Son Espases hospital in the island capital of Palma confirmed she had lost her fight for life.

A routine police investigation into Monday’s incident at the four-star HYB Eurocalas hotel is ongoing.

The unnamed girl’s parents would receive professional grief counseling to help them cope with the loss.

A spokeswoman for a regional government-run emergency coordination center said on Tuesday: “We took a phone call around 3:40pm Monday to say that lifeguards had seen a young girl lying motionless at the bottom of the pool and dived in to rescue her. .

“They resuscitated her after getting her out of the water because she had gone into cardiac arrest.

“Pamedics continued to try to resuscitate her after they reached the scene and got her breathing again in the back of the ambulance.

“She was taken to Son Espases Hospital.”

On June 5, six-year-old Corey Aughey, from north Belfast, died in hospital after falling into the pool at the hotel where he and his family were staying in the Majorcan resort of Sa Coma, near Love Island’s villa.

And last month, a British toddler drowned in a swimming pool accident on the Costa Blanca.

Freddie Joseph Briggs died on May 25 in the pool of his parents’ home in the village of Aigues near Benidorm, prompting the city council to declare three days of mourning.

The youngster was taken to Son Espases hospital in the Majorcan capital of Palma, where she later died


The youngster was taken to Son Espases hospital in the Majorcan capital of Palma, where she later diedCredit: Solarpix

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