I shared ownership of the farm with him and he took over the income

Ihab Al Rifai (Al Dhafra Region)
A woman and another co-owner of a farm for the half of the year 2000, and the man took over the management of the farm, but he seized the income from it and the woman received nothing from the income of the farm, that is say for more than 22 years. He is an exploiter of the farm and only profits from it and obtains all his income be it the allotted monthly income or the income derived from exploiting the areas of the farm for growing crops.
The plaintiff claimed to compel the defendant to pay her an amount of 6,000,000 dirhams, her share of the farm’s income from the date of allotment to date, and to oblige the defendant to pay the plaintiff an indemnity of 5,000,000 dirhams. pay for all material damage it has suffered and for lost profits.
After the case was circulated during the hearings, the Al-Ain Court of First Instance ruled to require the defendant to pay the plaintiff the net income of the farm until May this year, totaling 1,125,507 .50 dirhams (one million one hundred and twenty-five thousand five hundred and seven dirhams) and to oblige the defendant to pay the plaintiff coercive compensation for all property damage and vices in the aggregate amount of (100,000) one hundred thousand dirhams, and proof that the plaintiff is in eligible for half of the farm’s assets (fixed costs) the subject of the lawsuit and detailed in the expert’s report.
In its ruling, the court confirmed that until May 31, 2022, the farm had generated net proceeds totaling 2,431,015 dirhams, so that Plaintiff’s share of this amounted to 1,215,507.50 dirhams. amount of 1,215,507.50 dirhams.

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