Hurley makes Limerick pay the fine as Cork shrug off red card and advance to All-Ireland SFC quarter-finals

Fourteen men Cork secured their place in the last eight of the All-Ireland series after an eventful second half at Pairc Ui Chaoimh.

here were black, yellow and red cards in the second 35 minutes along with a deciding penalty as the Rebels did just enough to get over Billy Lee’s side.

Cork seemed to have done a lot of the spades when they made hay during the black card period. Gordon Brown was ejected and while off the field Cork hit a purple patch, beating the visitors 1-3 to 0-1. That gave Cork a six-point lead, but Limerick wouldn’t bend the knee. Brian Donovan hammered in a brilliant goal and the excellent Adrian Enright snapped his fourth point of the day to narrow the gap to just two.

And there was another swing in Limerick’s favor when Cork’s Paul Walsh, who had only been on the pitch for a few minutes, was given two yellow cards in 30 seconds and his team was reduced to 14 men in 62 minutes.

But just as the stage looked set for a Limerick wave, Kevin O’Donovan rushed forward in the 65th minute to win a penalty dispatched by Brian Hurley. That gave the Rebels a five-point cushion that was not threatened in the run-up.

The teams were evenly matched in the first half. Cork took the first two points of the game, but when Enright scored the first of his three runs of the half, Limerick had pushed itself forward.

Both sides had a short view of the goal. Enright might have shot but chose to go fist-fisted while Cork had also worked one-on-one to pull the game back for a throw leading up to Hurley.

Billy Lee’s side led by two with ten minutes to play in the half, but Limerick turns were precious and Cork hit three on the spin to take the lead. Cian Sheehan and Steven Sherlock traded scores to watch the home side take a 0-8 to 0-7 lead at halftime.

The game rocked back and forth in the second half but Cork did enough to put themselves in the draw tomorrow morning where they will face Derry, Galway or Dublin.


Cork: S Sherlock 0-8 (5f ,1 45), B Hurley 1-2 (1-0 pin), J O’Rourke 0-3, C O’Mahony 1-0, E McSweeney 0-2, D Gore, C O’Callaghan, K O’Donovan 0-1.

Limerick: H Bourke 0-5 (3f), A Enright 0-4, B Donovan 1-0, G Brown, J Ryan 0-2 each, R Burke, C Sheehan, J Naughton 0-1 each.


CORK – M Maarten 7; S Powter 8, M Shanley 7, K O’Donovan 8; J Cooper 6, R Maguire 7, M Taylor 6; I Maguire 6, C O’Callaghan 6; D Dineen 6, E McSweeney 7, J O’Rourke 8; S Sherlock 8, B Hurley 7, C O’Mahony 7

subs: J Cahalane 6 for Dineen (53), P Walsh 4 for McSweeney (60), C Kiely for Sherlock (68), D Gore for O’Mahony (70), T Walsh for O’Donovan (74)

LIMERICK – D O’Sullivan 6; J Liston 6, B Fanning 7, S O’Dea 7; C Sheehan 7, I Corbett 7, G Brown 7; D Treacy 6, C Fahy 6; A Enright 8, P Nash 6, P De Brun 6; B Donovan 7, R Burke 6, H Bourke 7

subs: J Naughton 6 for De Brun (HT), J Ryan 7 for Nash, P Maher 6 for Brown, M Donovan 6 for Liston (all 56), K Ryan for Burke (67).

Referee: J Hendrik (May)

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