Hundreds stage Monash University sit-in protest

Last night a delegation asked for Dr. Matheson on resolutions against the draft regulations.

“In principle I am not against what you are proposing,” he told them.

no intention

dr. Matheson agreed to address a massive luncheon gathering of students in the union building on June 13—after the holidays.

“As for student freedom and the freedom to demonstrate on campus about the NLF or whatever, as far as I’m concerned, there’s not the slightest intention to interfere with that,” he said.


“It’s when the university gets involved — as opposed to the individuals — that’s when I worry.”

dr. Matheson said he would consider the students’ proposals against the regulatory changes during the holidays.

Off campus

dr. Matheson said he would not admit that neither he nor the university would investigate acts that students took off campus.

“I’m concerned on your behalf about the name Monash has now been given,” he said.

“If you knew what was being said to me in the outside world, you would be too.

“Maybe discipline isn’t the way to do it. I want to make it clear that the university must be isolated from the group actions of students.”

dr. Matheson said the afternoon’s demonstration was based on an article published in “The Age” on Wednesday.

“The facts were right, but the inference was wrong,” he said.

“I am fundamentally concerned that the article implied that the changes were being considered because of the NLF issue.

“There is no fundamental change in the regulations. They are intended to clarify the current position.”

3 moves

At the campus meeting, the 2000 students passed three motions, stating:

That the authorities take cognizance of student objections to schemes and the sentencing given to those objections;


That students should not be subjected to university discipline for private off-campus activities;

That field of study is a matter for students and we require that students make up 50 percent of the members of the study field committee in the future.

A fourth motion, passed by a significant majority of students in attendance, says the university will adopt the rules, “we will not accept their power to do this, and they may find the discipline in the university unenforceable.”

Meanwhile, a group of students, the Campaign for University Freedom (CUF), has been set up and plans to coordinate further activities.

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