Huge queues as McDonald’s reopens in Russia under new ‘tasty’ name and changed menu – World News

McDonald’s was one of dozens of Western companies that withdrew from Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, but after a businessman took all the stores, the chain has reopened today under a new name

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McDonald’s restaurants reopen in Russia under new name

McDonald’s has reopened in Russia under a new “tasty” name with a transformed logo as Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine continues.

Today fifteen branches in and around Moscow reopen their doors under new ownership under the new name ‘Vkusno & Tochka’, which translates as “Yummy and that’s it”.

In addition to the new name, the restaurants received a brand new logo from the new Russian owner with a circle with two lines representing a burger and fries.

This came after the fast food giant tracked the exodus of Western countries that left Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, before it was taken over.

Businessman Alexander Govor, who already owned 25 restaurants in Siberia, agreed to buy out each of Russia’s 847 McDonald stores after the chain pulled out.

All 847 branches will open by the end of summer


Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Under new ownership, he promised to keep all 62,000 employees on equal terms for at least two years.

Huge lines lined the Moscow flagship store today, the first to open in Russia 30 years ago.

Police officers patrolled the bustling crowd while families ate inside, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Alexander Govor, owner of the new restaurant “Vkusno & Tochka” to be opened after the departure of McDonald’s Corp from the Russian market



Reuters was told the equipment and burger ingredients used were identical to those used by McDonald.

But it is not clear whether the recipes are the same.

As a sign of how quickly the new owners were trying to reopen, much of the food’s packaging was plain white and cups and takeaways were plain brown.

The old McDonald’s logo on packets of ketchup and other sauces was covered in black markings.

Chief executive Oleg Paroev said: “Our goal is that our guests will not notice any difference in quality or atmosphere,” reported Sky News.

The new logo for the renewed McDonald restaurants, now Vkusno I Tochka



Instead of feasting on a Big Mac, guests enjoyed the alternative ‘Grandee’ or ‘Chicken Premier’ or the ‘Fish burger’.

But not everyone loved it, and one man was kicked out of the press conference after holding up a sign that read, “Bring back the Big Mac.”

Paroev went on to say prices would remain “affordable” amid volatile economic times in Russia.

But he could not guarantee that prices would not rise in the near future.

The McDonald restaurants have been replaced by the new chain


Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

The owner is still looking for a soft drink supplier after Coca-Cola left Russia earlier this year.

The Daily Mail reported that diner Sergei, 15, said: “The Coke is different, but there’s really no change to the burger.

“The taste has remained the same.”

As things stand, some 200 stores will reopen by the end of June and all 847 by the end of the summer, the boss said.

Double cheeseburgers in “Tasty and that’s it”, the new McDonald’s in Russia


AFP via Getty Images)

Reportedly, this reopening could be used as a litmus test to determine whether Russia’s economy is resilient to Western sanctions.

When the very first McDonald’s store opened in Moscow three decades ago, it was seen as a symbol of the thawing relations between the then USSR and the West.

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