Howard Stern weighs in on Drake & 21 Savage’s fake interview with him

Howard Stern was impressed by Drake and 21 Savage’s fake Howard Stern Show appearance.

The “interview” clip shared on Instagram combines existing footage of the SiriusXM radio personality with a video of Drake and 21 sitting on a couch on the set of what appears to be Stern’s show. “Absolutely NO filter with the incomparable @sternshow, thanks for having us,” the IG caption read.

“He did something interesting: instead of doing a press tour, he made up a fake press tour and released it. … And then he even released a clip where I interviewed him,” Stern, 68, summed up on air, minus any mention of 21 Savage. “He’s edited himself to look like he’s in our studio, and he’s answering my questions using clips from another interview. … Drake did so well that the news outlets are reporting it as if it were real.”

Howard then cut to Good day Atlanta fall for the fake conversation and do a story about Drake’s answer about settling down and getting married.

The promotional stunt was part of a fascinating rollout strategy for their collaborative album hair lossincluding fake-but-convincing “appearances” on NPRs Small desk concert, SNLthe cover of Fashion, and more.

Stern was eventually inspired by it. “We’ve got enough material from all the shows we’ve done, we could do our entire show like this,” he said.

Drake is under fire for certain lyrics on hair loss, including a line on “Circo Loco” that Megan Thee Stallion and many listeners saw as aimed at her. Lil Yachty, credited as the song’s co-writer, tried to downplay the controversial line on Instagram Live.

“I know he won’t go into it because I know Drake,” Yachty explained. “It’s not about Megan, it’s about women lying about their buttshots and saying it’s real when it’s fake.”

Drake also took pictures on DRAM, Ye, Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian and more.

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