How to Make a Spotify ‘Iceberg’

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Let’s be honest: OThe only reason we like to share our Spotify listening data is for the competition. There are apps that help Show off your eclectic library or prove you’re among a band’s highest listener ratebut now you can display the depths of your obscure music bagtesting by creating a Spotify Iceberg thanks to the Icebergify web app.

The Spotify Iceberg borrows the “Iceberg Theory” meme format, which is commonly used on social media, Reddit and YouTube videos to show how deep a particular topic goes, showing the lesser-known or hyper-specific information further down the image. The Icebergify web app does the same to your Spotify listening history, ranking the bands you listen to based on their popularity; the deeper into the layers of the iceberg you go, the more obscure the band or artist is.

And as we all know, there’s nothing music geeks love more than proving that they listen to the most hidden gems that no one else knows.

How to create and share your own Spotify Iceberg

  1. Open the Icebergify website on your phone or desktop browser.
  2. Click “make yours”, then log in with your Spotify account.
  3. Allow the app to read your listening history when prompted. Note that Icebergify is a third party app created by independent web developer Akshay Raj, meaning it is not officially affiliated with Spotify. The app only deletes your listening data (which Spotify normally collects anyway and shares with its advertising partners, unless you turn it off), but you should skip Spotify Iceberg if you don’t want to share your listening history with anyone.
  4. After you allow the app to view your listening history, wait a while while the data is collected and turned into an iceberg. We have noticed that the app sometimes has a “500 internal error” page, but if that happens, just refresh and try again (it may take a few tries for it to work). Also note that a blank section means you are not listening to bands in that popularity range.

Once your Spotify Iceberg is ready, you can copy and save the image, take a screenshot and share it with your friends and followers.


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