‘How to Build a Sex Room’ Video & Photos — Watch Netflix Trailer

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Netflix released a trailer for the new interior design show on Thursday How to build a sex room, in which “couples looking for more spice in the bedroom hire luxury interior designer Melanie Rose” — aka the Mary Poppins of sex rooms — “to create stylish spaces where they can act out any fantasy they want,” according to the official. logline. “You have seen kitchen renovation [and] you’ve seen bathroom transformations,” the streamer says, “but you’ve never seen anything like it!”

In the trailer above, Rose acknowledges the stigma surrounding sex rooms. “When people hear the words ‘sex room,’ they focus on the word ‘sex’ and that means ‘dirty’, ‘disgusting,'” she says. “But when I design them, they can be beautiful, and they’re places where couples can explore their deepest fantasies.”

Along with Rose, the video introduces her seemingly butter-fingered contractor Mike, as well as several Season 1 clients — one of whom thanks Rose for saving her marriage.

All eight episodes will air on Friday, July 8. In the meantime, the following first-look photos should do the trick. Scroll down to see more of Rose’s work – and her clients in the game! – then click on the comments with your instant reactions. add you How to build a sex room on your Netflix watch list?

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