how the Tesla CEO earned the love of MAGA

Politicians, media and fans who deny climate change are reconciling their devotion to the man who made money from climate action by ignoring it.

Elon Musk (Image: AP/(Patrick Pleul)

It’s easy to see why Elon Musk has become a favorite of the “new right,” the insurgent group of ironically poisoned MAGA populists who have taken control of the American conservative movement.

After all, he’s a billionaire businessman who likes to talk about free speech and posting right-wing memes on Twitter, and hates cancellation culture, unions and journalists. He has a Trump-esque fan base that adores him as an emerging visionary who is both a tech genius and an all-rounder. He even conforms to the style of a disgruntled Democratic voter who… now recommending people to vote for Republicans in this week’s midterms (although he still claims to be an independent).

He is embraced by the right. Figures such as TikTok’s influential online account Libs, QAnon Faith Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Senator Ted Cruz all celebrated his takeover of Twitter. Last month, the GOP even placed him on its own Mount Rushmore: “Kanye. Elon. Trump.” it tweeted.

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