How much would it cost to sign up to any streaming service in Australia?

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There’s no denying that the Australian streaming market has gotten a lot busier over the years. Although every streaming service is not That separately expensive, once you bundle all the options together it gets pretty ridiculous. For anyone who always wants a piece of all the content, that’s very bad news.

There are currently five primary streaming services in Australia: Netflix, Stan, Binge, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video. There’s also Apple TV+ and newcomer Paramount+.

But that is not everything. In addition to all of the above, there are smaller, more niche services like Hayu, Shudder, Britbox, and YouTube Premium – all of which also feature unique programming.

In the interest of public journalism, we decided to break down the numbers for you to better understand what it costs to subscribe to each streaming service in Australia. (Spoiler: It’s a lot.)

How much do the main streaming services in Australia cost?

Let’s say you want to join all major services at the cheapest price available.

There is now a Netflix Basic account $10.99Stan and Binge start at $10 each, the price of Disney+ is $11.99, while Amazon Prime Video is $6.99† that is $49.97 per month† Add in Apple for $7.99 brings the total $57.96

So it’s almost $58 a month to join any basic tier service if you want to watch content for days.

If you want to introduce Paramount+ in the fold, it will cost you an extra $8.99 every month. This brings up the running total $66.95 – Yes.

Those basic plans to Stan, Binge, and Netflix only let you use one screen at a time, though, and they don’t come with standard HD, which is a pretty average offering in 2022. You’ll probably want to upgrade.

Bringing Netflix, Binge, and Stan to the mid-level ($16.99, $14, and $14), respectively, adds another $13 — now you’re at $80.95

And if you want all the bells and whistles?

For this example, let’s take a look at the premium plans for each of the major services. What would that cost?

Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV and Paramount+ remain the same. Netflix jumps to $22.99, Binge goes to $18 and Stan jumps to $19 a month. If you want Stan Sport too, that’s another $10.

That leaves us on $105.95 every month.

You can save a few bucks by signing up to Disney+ at an annual rate of $119.99† That brings the monthly cost to $103.95 per month.

Adding again to this bundle is the option to sign up for Prime Video Channels on Amazon Prime, which gives you 12 optional channels, all with an additional cost.

Prime Video Channels includes: Paramount+ ($8.99/month), hayu ($6.99/month), STARZPLAY ($3.99/month), MGM ($4.99/month), AMC+ ($8.99/month), Acorn TV ($6.99/month), Shudder ($6.99/month), OUTtv ($3.99/month), The Great Courses ($7.99/month), iwonder ($6.99/month ), DocPlay ($7.99/month), and Love Nature ($3.99/month).

That all comes up $78.88† But there are duplications between some of the Prime Video Channels and popular streaming services we’ve already included in this list, such as Paramount+. So for simplicity, we’ve summed them up here.

Removing double-ups Paramount+, hayu, Acorn TV, Shudder, iwonder and DocPlay leaves us on $33.94 in additional charges for additional channels. Add that to the premium plans listed above, and you’re looking at $137.89

How much do the other streaming services cost?

Those are just the main streaming options.

hayu is $6.99shudder is $5.99 per month, Crunchyroll starts at $7.99 (up to $9.99) and YouTube Premium is $14.99

To get even more niche, there’s also Acorn TV on $6.99DocPlay on $7.99I wonder at $3.50 and British comedy and drama streaming service BritBox is $8.99 per month.

Let’s say you want a dose of reality TV with Hayu, some horror titles with Shudder, anime favorites on Crunchyroll, British television on Acorn TV and Britbox, YouTube’s best offering with Premium and you choose a of the documentary services, DocPlay. In fact, you’ll be giving yourself access to a lot more than you could ever chew.

That all costs $59.93

Let’s add that to our exorbitant amount, and you have a monthly bill of € $197.82† Opt for a Foxtel plan with bundles ranging from $49 to $109 per month and you’re looking at somewhere in between $245.82 and $306.82 per month

There are others that are not included in this list because there are simply too many to consider. Several sports plans like Kayo ($25 for basic or $35 for premium) will also push the price up for starters. The thing is, there is a lot, and that figure is only going to rise as more options are introduced in Australia.

Of course, you’re not likely to join all of these services at once, but since they’re all offering juicy exclusive shows to grab your attention and your money, it becomes hard to prioritize.

Fortunately, most services allow you to stream on multiple screens at once, meaning you can (hopefully) share the cost with friends or family, dropping a $10 per month service to $5 or $2.50 in an ideal world. .

We’re getting more content than ever before, but now that we’re starting to hit similar costs to cable TV prices, have we lost the point of introducing affordable streaming?

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