Horrifying moment shark is found cut HALF as opinion is divided over the horrific death of the beast

THIS is the horrific moment when a shark cut in half was found on a beach and the cause of his horrific death is divided among opinion.

The rotting carcass was found on a beach in Canada and a photo of it was shared online with people eager to know what happened to it.


The severed carcass was found on a beach in Canada
The shark is believed to be an Atlantic Sharpnose


The shark is believed to be an Atlantic SharpnoseCredit: Alamy

The Reddit user who posted it said they saw “this poor man yesterday” on an Oak Island beach and were amazed at why it had been cut in half.

One user said the shark was an “Atlantic Sharpnose” because of its “nose shape, white spots and dark back of the back”.

Others were eager to understand how it died, and some argued that it could have been mauled by a larger beast or chopped in half in a horror propeller accident.

“This wasn’t a boating accident! This wasn’t a propeller. This wasn’t coral reef. And it wasn’t Jack the Ripper,” one user wrote.

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“Definitely not a great white, but I’ve seen a lot of sharks eaten by other sharks. There is always a bigger fish,” wrote another.

A third suggested it was a shark attack that cut the smaller predator in half.

They said, “Another shark would do that all day every day.”

It comes as a horror video showed the moment

make the water red with blood.

The underwater predators go head-to-head in the 11-second clip as they battle it out in shallow water, creating pools of blood in their wake.

The unverified footage showed two beachgoers watching as the apex predators turned and whirled in the water.

At one point, a third person walks into view and pulls one of the men aside while a shark manages to push itself ashore before being dragged back inside.

And another shark was caught eating a seal while swimming in the waters off a popular beach in the US.

In the video imagesone can see the shark swimming near the Great Point Lighthouse near a popular Nantucket beach, according to local media outlet Nantucket Current.

The video was posted to Twitter and the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy confirmed the truth of the sighting.

people can react loudly in the background when they see the huge ocean dweller.

Beachgoers are advised to stay close to shore and not swim in waters above medium elevation, local news station NBC10 Boston reported.

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These shark species often lurk in water shallower than 15 feet, the outlet explained.

In a tweet responding to the shark sighting video, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy encouraged beachgoers to report their shark sightings.

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