Hollyoaks star Abi Phillips diagnosed with thyroid cancer at age 28

Former Hollyoaks actress Abi Phillips took to Instagram to share the news with her followers, explaining how she was previously told the two lumps on her neck were nothing to worry about before seeking a second medical opinion

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Abi Phillips auditioning for The Voice in 2017

Former Hollyoaks actress Abi Phillips has revealed she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 28.

The star – who played Liberty Savage in Channel 4 – shared the devastating news with fans on Instagram shortly after receiving the shocking diagnosis.

Wearing a face mask and a hospital gown in a series of selfies, Abi told her followers: “So I took these pictures before my scans and after my biopsy. I had a good laugh at how ridiculously dressed I looked in the hospital for a performance, without even having a moment to expect that I would get the news that I did two weeks later.”

The actress went on to explain how she had previously visited doctors to have two lumps on her neck tested, but was told nothing was wrong.

Former Hollyoaks actress Abi Phillips shared a series of selfies as she shared the news of her diagnosis



However, the star sought a second opinion for “peace of mind”.

“I had previously been turned away from the doctors after I found two lumps on my neck, they passed it on and said I was ‘young’ and it would be nothing and that I was ‘probably overcoming a cold’ or my body was ‘fighting something,'” she continued in her post.

“As much as I wanted to hear that, I wanted to have everything checked for my own peace of mind.”

Abi met with a specialist who agreed with the actress that the lumps were worrisome and told the young star she would need surgery and radiotherapy.

The former soap star credited Love Island star Demi Jones with helping her see the signs



In her touching post shared with her 12,400 followers, Abi thanked former Love Island star Demi Jones — who underwent a full thyroidectomy after being diagnosed in May 2021 — for using her platform to raise awareness.

Abi continued in her update: “I checked in with a specialist and she immediately told me she was very concerned about where my lumps were and referred me for an urgent biopsy and scans.

“Fast-forward, two weeks and just before Easter weekend, I had an appointment with a consultant at QE hospital who sat me down and told me I had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and that I would need surgery and radiotherapy.

Abi enjoyed a stint on The Voice after her departure from Hollyoaks in 2013



The soap star added: “I never thought I’d be told I have cancer at 28, you never think it’s going to happen to you. I wouldn’t have gone further with seeing a specialist if I hadn’t. seen @demijones1 post if her lumps were in the exact same place as mine.”

The star – who appeared on Hollyoaks for two years until her departure in 2013 – concluded: “If you ever find a lump or anything unusual on your body, don’t ever think it’s nothing, don’t be told you’re okay by the GP and you are ‘young’, if possible always have everything checked by a specialist and insist on testing, even if it turns out to be nothing, because early detection is crucial for a good prognosis.

Abi now works as a singer

“By this time next week, I’ll be on my way to recovery from my surgery.”

A number of celebrities were quick to wish Abi the best under her Instagram post, including Katie Price’s ex-husband Alex Reid who wrote, “Sending my love beautiful, you’ve got this.”

After her departure from Hollyoaks, Abi went on to forge a successful career for herself as a singer – even trying to get a place on The Voice in 2017.

According to her website, the former soap star currently works as a professional singer and is available for weddings, corporate events and various celebrations.

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