Holly Willoughby pocketing £1million after secretly settling legal battle with ex-cops who wanted 15% of future deals

HOLLY Willoughby is set to take £1million after secretly settling a legal battle with former agents who wanted 15 percent of her future deals.

The This Morning co-host, 41, settled out of court and ended a bitter 18-month battle.


Holly Willoughby has won a £1million legal battle with her former agents
Holly founded her own women's agency Roxy Management


Holly founded her own women’s agency Roxy Management

An insider said: “This has paid off well for Holly and she is now free to make millions of pounds over the next few years and become the most powerful woman on British TV.

“She’s very much her own boss and agent now.”

The spat centered on a “sunset clause,” which guarantees an agent a share of a departing client’s income on contracts concluded before their departure.

Holly engaged lawyers when the YMU agency, which included her This Morning co-host Phillip Schofield, demanded 15 percent of her earnings after she left in 2020.

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She reportedly raises £730,000 a year from ITV, expanding to £1.5million with commercial endorsements including Marks and Spencer and Garnier.

The star claimed she negotiated renewed contracts with them after setting up her own showbiz agency, Roxy Management.

A source in the showbiz industry said YMU could have received £1.25 million from Holly over the next five years.

But the end of Holly’s sunset clause means she’ll go to her instead — and experts say the case will also help others who can’t afford a legal fight.

A source said: “Holly is excited and extremely relieved.

“She never wanted a big showdown in court, but always insisted she wanted to fight for what she thought was right and fair.

“She also hopes to stand up for other, smaller artists who may be in a similar situation but without the resources to combat it.”

Both parties have signed non-disclosure agreements, so they are prohibited from discussing details of the settlement.

But it is clear that YMU does not have to pay any money to Holly, who is now completely free from taking her current earnings.

Holly’s agency bankruptcy was first revealed by The Sun on Sunday — and sent shockwaves through the showbiz industry.

Holly is said to be so angry at the demand that she told ITV she was willing to leave This Morning rather than let YMU take some of her earnings.

Other top YMU clients include Ant and Dec and Amanda Holden.

A source said at the time: “Holly will not be defeated by this and wants to be an inspiration to other young women entering the industry to fight for what is fair.”

In May last year, The Sun on Sunday revealed that Fern Britton, a former This Morning host, had thrown her support behind Holly in the cash row.

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Fern, who also left YMU, tweeted: “An ex-cop asks for ten percent of all future earnings.”

We’ve reached out to both Holly’s agent and YMU for comment.

What the deal means?

By Cristo Foufas

THIS settlement proves that no matter how big the agency is, the star power can be much greater.

Holly’s has combined her skills as a top presenter with a tough businesswoman to make sure she has more money than she earns.

It’s hard not to feel a little sorry for YMU who made some brilliant deals for her.

But she has the right to do her own thing.

However, this could spark a worrying trend for television industry agents who now fear that other big stars they represent may want to follow Holly’s lead.

Holly Willoughby was previously represented by YMU along with Phillip Schofield


Holly Willoughby was previously represented by YMU along with Phillip SchofieldCredit: Rex
Holly Willoughby is 'excited and extremely relieved' to resolve dispute


Holly Willoughby is ‘excited and extremely relieved’ to resolve disputeCredit: Getty
Holly wants to be an inspiration to other women


Holly wants to be an inspiration to other womenCredit: Social Media

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