The hip-hop community has been hit with another tragic loss. As TMZ reports, Bruno Falcon – known to many as Pop ‘N Taco – has passed away at the age of 58.

Diana Volgamott, the sister of the late legendary dancer, confirmed the news, revealing that her sibling passed away on Saturday (July 2) at his home in Long Beach, California. Although she believes he may have died of a heart attack, as his death is considered natural, an autopsy will not be performed.

If you’re not familiar with Falcon’s work, he rose to fame in the ’80s and ’90s thanks to his talent for a style he developed that came to be known as “locking.” Pop ‘N Taco continued to star in the classic cult film Hack’ alongside Ice-T, in the role of Electro Rock.

“Have you heard of Pop ‘N Taco Ice?” a fan asked the 64-year-old rapper earlier today (July 3) on Twitter. “Yeah, I just got a text,” he replied. “He was like that” [too] young. smh.”

After finding success on screen, Falcon reached new heights when he appeared in Michael Jackson’s moon walker† The two formed a strong bond over the years working together, with the dancer joining the King of Pop on his History tour in the 90s, reportedly in some capacity as a choreographer.

It is also said that Pop ‘N Taco helped the ‘evil’ hitmaker perfect his popping and locking. Other famous collaborators on his resume included La Toya and Janet Jackson, Lionel Richie and Chaka Khan.

Watch Bruce Falcon’s work in Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” music video below. RIP Pop ‘N Taco.