Highland Park suspect planned shooting for weeks, disguised himself in women’s clothing

Police also found a second legally purchased rifle in his vehicle and “there may have been handguns he also had,” Covelli said.


While the motivation for the attack is still unknown, the deputy chief said there was no information at this time to suggest the attack was “racially motivated, motivated by religion or other protected status”.

However, investigators believe the disaster had been planned for weeks, with Crimo even going so far as to dress in women’s clothing to disguise himself.

“Detectives believe he did this to hide his tattoos on his face, his identity and help him escape with the other people fleeing the chaos,” Covelli said.

The latest mass shooting came less than two weeks after US President Joe Biden signed the key weapons reform package that Congress had approved in nearly three decades.

The laws will improve background checks for 18- to 21-year-old gun buyers; closing the so-called “boyfriend loophole” for perpetrators of domestic violence who are not married to their partner; and setting up grants for states to encourage red flag laws, which empower the courts to order the removal of a weapon if the individual is deemed dangerous.

US President Joe Biden speaks of mass shootings in America as he urged Congress to take action last monthCredit:AP

However, in the absence of more significant reforms the Democrats wanted — such as a ban on military-style assault weapons and universal background checks — it’s unclear whether the regulations would have stopped Monday’s killings.

For example, red flag laws require individuals to petition a judge to rule that a person cannot possess a gun. Even though Crimo posted tributes to mass shootings and public murders on social media platforms, according to numerous profiles that appear to be his, identifying such red flags for authorities would be particularly challenging for authorities.

The Chicago shooting comes just weeks after similar tragedies, including a racist outburst at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, and the Robb Elementary School massacre in Uvalde, Texas. Both mass shootings also involved young gunmen, aged 18, in possession of powerful assault weapons.


Biden released a statement after the Highland Park shooting saying he was “appalled at the senseless gun violence that has brought new grief to an American community this Independence Day” and vowed he would not “fight the epidemic of gun violence.” would give up. †

On Tuesday (US time), he also ordered that the American flag be flown at half-mast in the White House and all federal public buildings, military posts and naval stations until sunset on July 9 as a sign of respect for the victims.

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