Here’s an awesome fan-made Batman cartoon

Is there a superhero more versatile than Batman? I say this as a Superman fan, but Batman may be the greatest superhero ever created. He’s got it all: the best villainous gallery, the cleanest lineage and motivation, and the best gadgets. There’s nothing about Batman that doesn’t work.

Thanks to the wealth of narrative possibilities that come pre-packaged, Batman is the superhero that also has the most malleability. Batman can work as a ninja or a cowboy; it just depends on the maker. And the best part is that all the different interpretations of the character always feel like Batman. But even when creators play it safe and do traditional Batman storytelling, the character’s wonderful adaptability shines through and isolates the work from general feel.

Take, for example, the fan-made animated short linked above. Stephen Trumble Animations on YouTube has released an original Batman short that feels like a classic Caped Crusader adventure, but paradoxically seems daring and innovative. You have to see it to believe it.

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