Here are the five best York-inspired Halloween costume ideas

Pass me the Long Boi costume ASAP

The ghost season is coming! But if you’re anything like me, you haven’t landed on a costume idea yet. There’s such a thing as too many options to choose from, so to make it easier for you, we’ve narrowed it down to five York-inspired ideas. These are all designed to fit in with the broad traditions of the city while still being a bit non-conformist. So here are the five best York-inspired Halloween costumes to make you look spooky:

The Norwegian’s best costume?

A Viking costume was inevitable here. Maybe you’re a history buff or just love the idea of ​​wearing a tunic. Anyway, do the county of Yorkshire, coined by the Vikings as “Jorvik”, a service. Representing the long-lost Scandinavian subgroup and avoiding authenticity has never been easier: the outfit is available to buy entirely online.

Don’t fuck with the Peaky Blinders

Here’s one for the Tommy Shelby fans. Become brave as you mimic your favorite character from the iconic series. While the show’s story and accents are embedded in Birmingham, many scenes were shot in different parts of Yorkshire, including Leeds, Ilkley and Bradford. So keep your flat cap and high-fronted vest handy.

Any of the York Uni Colleges

If you want to get involved with the campus itself, why not go be one of the eleven famous figures inspiring the colleges? Choosing a more recent alumnus may be an easy way to pass as “Halloweeny” in your own attire. Or make your presence known in the room and channel your power-loving alter-ego: embody the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.

Here are the five best York-inspired Halloween costume ideas

The landmark that is Flares

Why not go for a Flares-inspired look? Choose your favorite decade, the 70s, 80s, 90s or noughties and decorate yourself with all the colors you have in your wardrobe, reminiscent of the multicolored dance floor. Throw some (wait for it) torches and tattoo some stamps all over you, then drop a VK in each hand to complete the look. What else is there York?

Here are the five best York-inspired Halloween costume ideas

He is an icon, he is a legend: Long boi

Definitely the most terrifying of them all, but SO iconic. He may be less replicable than the numbers mentioned above, but if you want to stand out, this is your winner. Someone took it so literally in recent years when making a neck and head, but any interpretation is valid. Wearing orange shoes and green and brown clothes could do Long Boi justice and a feather boa could add something. Bonus points if you are taller than six feet, can form a beak and are only captured on rare sightings.

Featured image via @Longboiyork

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