Heart just made her first batch of collectible toys


Each set of 12 figures is sold for P200,000

ANCX Staff | Aug 13, 2022

Ahead of the official release date of Heart Evangelista’s debut set of artist-made toys, the actress, painter and style influencer has already sold most of her pieces. This is according to Secret Fresh gallery owner Bigboy Cheng who facilitated the production of the toys.

Heart’s toys, called ‘Seasons’, are colorful three-dimensional hand-painted resin figures and seem to be versions of the gloomy, lonesome women who appear in her wall-bound artworks. The collectible set consists of 12 figures, and each set goes for P200,000, comes in a special wooden box, with a personal message from the artist.

These hand-painted figures appear to be versions of the women in the artist’s paintings.

Bigboy, who has collaborated with artists BenCab and Elmer Borlongan on their own toy projects in the past, says he’s made 50 sets of Heart’s toys, but only 40 will be sold. At the time of writing, he is pleased to report that he has already sold more than half of that number. “Ubos na yan in two days maybe,” predicts the Secret Fresh impresario.

They have long talked about making the collectible toys, Bigboy and Heart. “We talked three years ago,” he says. She is a fan of the Japanese handmade toys Bearbrick. “He buys real toys here. Then he wants to work,” adds Bigboy. In addition to selling an art space, Secret Fresh also sells clothing and artist-made merchandise.

Heart Evangelista with Bigboy Cheng
The artist with Bigboy Cheng (left). Each set of Heart’s toys comes with a personal message.

Heart will hold an exhibition of her paintings at the gallery on August 28. It was intended to coincide with the toy’s official release.

For more information on ‘Seasons’, DM @secretfreshgallery on Instagram.

Photos from @djbigboycheng’s Instagram account.

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