Hard Quiz Replays Beat Everything

Even the quizmaster reruns provided more entertainment than the other offerings on the night.

Hard Quiz host Tom Gleeson (Image: ABC)

It’s a pretty bad state of affairs when, for me, the Difficult Quiz (212,000 national) repeat at 5:30 PM on ABC TV is the highlight of the evening.

Gruen (712,000) at 8 p.m. and Charlie Pickering’s The Weekly (632,000) at 8:30pm were OK, but not that funny. Tom Gleeson and the cast of quizzers and quizettes he puts together certainly are, even on repeat.

Seven’s night from Nine, Ten and the ABC. And bluey — a total of 834,000 viewers yesterday — 484,000 for the AM EP, 350,000 for the afternoon reminder. sevens Big Brother, 484,000. It will mainly get more from BVOD, but bluey wins without a doubt for the pleasure it brings to its fans.

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