Gunmen wanted for fatal shooting of man in pickup – NBC Los Angeles

A search was made on Thursday for a man in a dark sedan who shot and killed a man who was driving another vehicle.

The shooting happened around 5 p.m. in North Hills adjacent to the 405 Freeway on Roscoe Boulevard and Haskell Avenue.

The area is always busy with car and foot traffic, but police say this didn’t stop someone from stopping next to a moving truck and fatally shooting the driver.

Police covered the victim’s white Ford pickup with a tent, where it came to a stop between a gas station and Tommy’s hamburger restaurant.

The vehicle, with the body still in it, sat on the sidewalk for hours in the shadow of the Budweiser factory, a landmark.

No arrests were made on Thursday.

Police hoped the crime scene at a major intersection in a heavily trafficked area would provide witnesses and clues.

“Witnesses described seeing a black sedan heading south on Haskell, possibly west on Roscoe,” LAPD Detective Mark O’Donnell said. “It looks like the occupant shot at our victim and hit him.”

About five hours after the murder, the LA County coroner arrived and found the body.

The agency would handle identification and official cause of death.

Despite this happening at a very busy intersection during rush hour, there were no other casualties.

No bullet casings or ballistic evidence were found.

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