Gulftainer celebrates one million accident-free man-hours

Sharjah (Al-Ittihad) The Emirates Gulftainer stations have made a remarkable achievement in the health and safety program by achieving more than one million accident-free working hours, despite the global pandemic and industry challenges. To achieve this feat, the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment team delivered more than 14,000 hours of training, in addition to their regular schedule of introductions, refresher courses, HSE updates, first aid and firefighting training, and management teams completed more than 175 safety rounds , as well as daily inspections by the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment team. A strong safety culture has been developed and disseminated within Gulftainer staff, a testament to everyone’s hard work, and factories in the UAE have again been awarded the International Safety Award from the British Safety Council in recognition of their commitment to maintaining safety. employee safety, workplaces and a healthy environment in 2021. Gulftainer showed its continued dedication and commitment to its workforce and to protecting its employees from the risk of injury, which distinguished it when it was awarded again at the International Safety Awards 2022 Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, congratulated Gulftainer on its success in winning the 2022 Safety Award International Conference and said: “Our sincere congratulations to Gulftainer as everyone in the company should be proud of their achievements. ” The International Safety Awards, now in their 64th edition, honor organizations from around the world who have demonstrated to the satisfaction of an independent jury in the previous calendar year that they have plans and results for the prevention of workplace injuries and work-related health problems, as well as for honoring organizations committed to mental health and wellness at work.”. In accepting the award, Dan Wright, Director of Operations at Gulftainer, said: “The health and safety of our employees will always be our top priority, and we are pleased to receive this award in recognition of the hard work and progress made to ensure Gulftainer remains one of the safest workplaces in the world.” He added: “I couldn’t be more proud of every Gulftainer employee for their dedication to keeping themselves and their colleagues safe. Achieving a million man-hours without any injuries, then being awarded the British Safety Council award is a fantastic job.”

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