Grim New ‘Clue’ Spotted on Toddler’s Finger That Could Solve Missing Mother Mystery

Tahnee Shanks went missing from a Mexican resort town a month ago after sending her boyfriend a creepy message, and her two-year-old daughter Adelyn was found wandering alone the next day.

Australian Tahnee Shanks (right) disappeared in Mexico last month

A horrifying new clue may have been found on a toddler’s finger after she was found wandering outside a church when her mother went missing.

Tahnee Shanks was staying at a resort town in the tourist trap of Cancun a month ago when she disappeared.

The 32-year-old Australian had traveled there with her estranged husband Jorge Astudillo and their daughter Adelynn, two, from their home in Merida on May 1.

Tahnee went missing the next day before Adelynn was found barefoot outside the Parroquia San Miguel Arcangel church in Canun around 9:00 PM.

Since reuniting with her family in Brisbane, they claim that the night Tahnee went missing, a photo of the little girl had been taken that showed blood on her little finger.

Tahnee’s family believes a small red spot on Adelynn’s little finger could be blood

2-year-old Adelynn is seen with her grandmother and uncle after landing safely in Australia

Despite this, they say there are no signs of injury or marks on the bleeding site – which could indicate that the blood is not, in fact, hers.

Tahnee’s brother, Daniel Shanks, told the Daily Mercury: “One detail we believe is crucial to the investigation is a photo of Addy outside the church that has gone viral and contains a vital clue.

“We asked investigators if this was reported or documented when addy was arrested and if the clothes she was wearing were DNA tested.”

It is feared that Tahnee’s disappearance, as well as husband Jorge, who is also a missing person, could be the result of possible ties to the Mexican cartel.

CCTV footage from the night she disappeared showed Tahnee, Jorge and Adelynn leaving the hotel together before passing a toll station out of town in their white 4WD just before noon.

Tahnee and her daughter Adelynn



Their car then made a U-turn 12 miles from their hotel before taking a detour along a different road.

Tahnee’s phone then rang around noon near a grocery store, the last known contact she had.

Hours after Adelynn was found, Mrs. Shanks’s car was discovered burned out 25 miles south of Cancun. The police have now launched an investigation into missing persons.

Adelynn was found by tourist Carlos Santos, who said another man pointed it out to her and left promising to look for her parents, but never returned.

In another nerve-wracking revelation, the investigation revealed that Tahnee had previously sent a message to a moth friend, telling her to remember her husband’s name.

The creepy message read: “I know this may sound weird, but keep (his) name.

“Jorge Luis Aguirre Astudillo! In case something happens to me, they can go after him.

Dan Shanks, brother of missing woman Tahnee, who handed out a million pesos reward

“Not that anything will happen! But I just want to keep that as a backup.”

Nikita Weller, Adelynn’s godmother, claimed that her friend, Mrs. Shanks, had confided in her about her fears of her husband.

The couple had recently split up after Ms Shanks found out he was having an affair and booked a flight to return to Queensland with Adelynn.

Ms Weller said: “She found out he was into some shady stuff. She didn’t say anything.

“But it scared her enough to want to come home. She just said he liked dark things and she was scared and that was it.

“I said to her, ‘I think you should go home. I think this is it, it’s time you got to go home somehow’.”

Her desperate brother has offered a reward of one million pesos (A$70,000) for information about his sister’s disappearance, despite the police advising him against taking such a step as it could contain large amounts of false information. yield.

Tahnee’s family say they hope she’s still alive, but there’s still an eight-hour window on the evening of May 2 that remains unexplained.

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