Governor Abbott criticizes Biden for encouraging immigration problems in US – ‘Deaths are on Biden’ | World | News

Officials have confirmed that 16 other migrants have been found in the truck near San Antonio on the border with Mexico and have been sent to hospital. A San Antonio Fire Department official said there were “piles of bodies” in the truck and Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott took aim at President Joe Biden, saying “These dead are on Biden.”

The 79-year-old US president called the incident “horrifying and heartbreaking” and added that “exploiting vulnerable individuals for profit is shameful”.

Mr Biden also vowed to crack down on multi-billion dollar criminal smuggling businesses that have contributed to record numbers of migrants crossing over.

Speaking about ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ on Fox News, Governor Abbott said, “What struck me… [Biden] said he is doing everything he can to stop people smuggling. That is a lie.

“He has defunded Border Patrol and underfunded it. He dismantled ICE.

“He has eliminated all border security efforts set up by Donald Trump.”

He added: “It was only a year and a half ago when we had the safest border in decades and today we have a bigger people-smuggling problem than ever before.”

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The number is already approaching the 1,734,686 that crossed in 2021.

However, during Mr Trump’s last non-covid-affected year in the White House, the CBP numbers stood at just 977,509.

Governor Abbott, who will face Beto O’Rourke in the Texas Gubernatorial election later this year, said: “These people who lost their lives did it because President Biden empowered and encouraged the cartels to do exactly what you saw happen. .

“It’s a tragedy and it won’t stop until Biden starts enforcing the laws passed by Congress and the United States of America.”

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