Government Jay Inslee declares Washington state a ‘sanctuary’ to abortion and orders state police to help

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has ordered state police not to comply with requests from out-of-state agencies for information about patient abortions in an effort to make Evergreen State a “refuge” for the medical procedure.

The directive came in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade and ended decades of constitutional protections for abortions. Several Republican-led states have passed laws that now prohibit or severely restrict abortions.

“Washington has been and will remain a haven for anyone seeking abortion care and services in our state, but we must act to protect our rights and our values,” Mr Inslee, a Democrat, wrote in the directive. “Therefore, it is critical that our law enforcement agencies do not cooperate in any way with any investigation, prosecution, or other out-of-state legal action based on the law of another state that is inconsistent with Washington’s protection of the right to abortion.” to choose. and abortion-related care.”

Some states’ abortion restrictions mean women can face criminal charges for the procedure, even if they travel to another state to undergo the procedure, a move Mr Inslee hopes to avoid by refusing to release abortion-related information to other states.

Mr. Inslee also called for an amendment to the state’s constitution to ensure the right to abortion, but that would require the state legislature to act.

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