Good morning, Hilary Jones from Britain’s message to parents during the UK’s polio outbreak

Dr Hilary Jones had a message for parents on Good Morning Britain today. The Thursday edition of the ITV news program was presented by Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins.

The two were joined by the noted medical expert who discussed how concerned people should be after polio was discovered in the UK. Polio was eradicated in Britain in 2003, but the UK Health Security Agency found the virus in London sewer samples collected at the London Beckton Sewage Treatment Works, which serves around four million people in north and east London.

Experts have sounded the alarm after several genetically linked viruses were found in samples between February and May. However, it is quite normal for the virus to be picked up as isolated cases and not detected again, the LiverpoolEcho reports.

A “national incident” has been instituted as a precaution to check for cases elsewhere as officials investigate the extent of the community transfer. dr. Hilary said: “Before we had effective vaccines in the 1950s, one in 200 people would develop paralysis of the lower legs and limbs. One in 15 of those would develop paralysis of the respiratory muscles and depend on an iron lung in those days. “

He assured people that Public Health has the situation under control and described the risk as “low” among those who have been vaccinated. However, he explained that it was more of a concern to parents of children under the age of five who have not been fully vaccinated against polio.

Most children have the polio vaccine as part of their vaccination program, but the medical professional urged parents to check with their GP to see if their child had been vaccinated. He added: “Most parents have a red book on their vaccinations. We are now using an injectable form of the polio vaccine and children have it at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks.

“They also have it at three years and four months for school and teens at 14. So you have five five injections of the polio vaccine, and if you’re fully protected, you don’t have to worry about anything.”

He added: “NHS will contact parents of children under five who have not been fully vaccinated. But parents are looking in your red book. If they have not been vaccinated, contact your GP and have it sorted out.” to get.”

Parents who do not have a red book can check their child’s vaccination status by contacting their GP or checking online.

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