GMP enforces section 60 stop and search powers after large scale violent disorder last night in Sale

Greater Manchester Police have enforced Section 60 stop and search powers following a large-scale violent disturbance in Sale last night

About 15-20 people were involved in the disturbance around 10pm last night and were seen carrying and using weapons as part of the attack. The group left the area when police arrived.

A 37-year-old man was arrested at the scene on suspicion of public disorder and is detained for further questioning.

A black Mercedes and a number of weapons were also seized from the vehicle at the scene.
Tonight, from 6:00 PM (Thurs, December 8, 2022) until 9:00 AM tomorrow, GMP will introduce Section 60 privileges for the Sale West estate, within and including Firsway, Cherry Lane, Manor Avenue, Haydock Avenue, Lingfield Avenue, and Woodhouse Lane.

Superintendent Shoheb Chowdhury of GMP’s Trafford precinct said: “Firstly, I would like to reassure the public that this incident last night certainly did not go unnoticed and that we are actively pursuing all lines of inquiry to establish the circumstances of this incident.

“We understand that the use of Article 60 may be a concern for local residents, but we only use these powers when it is proportionate and necessary.

“We are also aware that this incident has rightly caused concern in the local area. We have increased the number of officers on patrol in the local area to reassure the local area and they are more than happy to lend a listening ear to any concerns or information you may have about crimes or issues in your area.

“I would ask the public to provide any information, CCTV, doorbell or dash cam footage you have regarding last night’s incident. Even if you think your piece of information is insignificant, it could be a huge help to our investigation and help us find who is responsible for this unacceptable display of violence in our community.”

An investigation has been launched to establish the identities of the 15-20 individuals involved and the circumstances of this public disturbance.

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