Glitch American Airlines threatens to temporarily suspend 12,000 flights

An American Airlines computer outage threatened to add to the chaos already hitting US airports over the busy July 4 weekend

An issue in the airline’s system that allows pilots to add, drop or trade routes temporarily wiped out 12,000 flights over the course of July.

“As a result of this technical glitch, certain trip trading transactions could be processed when they should not have been,” the airline said in a statement.

The airline “recovered the vast majority of affected trips” and “is not anticipating any operational impact due to this issue,” the airline continued.

Still, the threat of massive route problems was a bad sign, according to Dennis Tajer, an American Airlines captain and spokesperson for the Allied Pilots Association union, which represents American Airlines’ pilots.

It created “uncertainty for passengers and pilots” as millions of people passed through U.S. airports, matching travel figures for the same pre-pandemic period. For the first time

A similar outage hit the airline during the Christmas holiday in 2017, forcing American and its pilots to avoid a massive staff shortage. would have affected 15,000 flights

The technical difficulties could not have come at a worse time for American.

In addition to trying to get through a record weekend, the airline is in the midst of contract negotiations with its pilots union.

This week, it offered a deal that included 17 percent increases through 2024.

“United have put forward a leading paycheck, and we have matched that for our team,” US CEO Robert IsomIsom said in a video message on Thursday. “Clearing a deal quickly will help strengthen our training program and ensure we can continue to grow.”

The union says it is still studying the proposal.

In May, hundreds of American pilots lined up outside Miami International Airport to protest their working conditions.

“Once you’ve packed your bags to head out the door, you don’t know when you’ll be back to see your family again. that’s because the schedule is so unreliable,” union spokesman Tajer said at the time.

Pilots across the industry have pecked and protested that they face punitive schedules and low pay, even as the travel backfires from the effects of the pandemic.

Outside of these labor disputes, the industry as a whole experienced numerous delays and canceled flights over the weekend of July 4.

Nearly 650 flights in the US on Saturday alone was canceledand another 5,200 were delayed, with Dallas-Fort Worth, Newark and John F Kennedy of New York City facing the worst delays.

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