Giraffe removes windshield wiper from car in viral clip

A now viral video of a giraffe removing a windshield wiper from someone’s car has charmed the internet.

The video, posted to TikTok last week by @jesszarzycki, has racked up more than 670,000 views and thousands of comments from viewers who joked that the giraffe was only trying to help.

In the comment section of her post, @jesszarzycki explained that the interaction took place during the drive-thru safari at Six Flags Great Adventure in Township, New Jersey. According to the park’s website, during the four-mile safari, park visitors can get up close and personal with a variety of animals, including elephants, peacocks and, of course, giraffes.

The clip, filmed from @jesszarzycki’s car, opens with a giraffe standing in front of the car, chewing on one of the car’s wiper blades.

A now viral video of a giraffe removing a windshield wiper from someone’s car has charmed the internet.

“No no no!” someone shouts as the giraffe rips the blade off the car.

“Oh my god”, said @jesszarzyck, starting to laugh.

For the rest of the video, the giraffe happily gnaws at the wiper blade, completely oblivious to the freakout going on inside the vehicle.

“Why did you leave him? [do that]the passenger of the car asked the driver.

Although the video ends with the giraffe holding the wiper blade in its mouth, @jesszarzycki said the animal eventually dropped it.

†[F]or anyone who cares, the giraffe dropped it and then ran away [I] stopped recording, he’s fine,” she noted.

Six Flags Grand Adventure said giraffes are currently undergoing a “silent extinction event.” As such, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) listed the species as “vulnerable to extinction” in 2016.

The park went on to explain that poaching, habitat loss and increased conflict between humans and wildlife have all contributed to the giraffe’s “rapid” population decline.

To help protect endangered wildlife such as the giraffe, the park launched the ‘Save an Icon’ initiative in 2019.

“Every year we offer a collectible pin that profiles a different species, and 100 percent of the profits support this initiative,” the park said, adding that a portion of the drive-thru safari sales will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Network. .

Commenters raved about @jesszarzyck’s video, where they joked that the giraffe was a mechanic just doing his job.

“He works for AutoZone,” said Johnny Lightning.

“He’ll show you how to replace the windshield wiper. Lick the grease off and put it back on,” said Jersey Asian Boy.

Charlie S566 added: “The giraffe saw that your windshield wiper needed to be replaced.”

news week has reached out to @jesszarzyck for comment.

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And in September, a rare white rhinoceros calf named Aziza was born on a drive-thru safari in Florida.

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