Gemma Collins deeply upset when Emmerdale star calls her ‘repulsive’ and ‘punchable’

Diva Forever star Gemma Collins hit back at Emmerdale’s Samantha Giles, who revealed she’d like to ‘beat’ the reality TV star before calling her ‘repulsive’

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Gemma Collins has revealed she is ‘very upset’ after Emmerdale actress Samantha Giles slammed the reality TV icon in a new interview.

Former TOWIE star Gemma, 40, took to her Instagram stories on Thursday to backtrack on soap opera star Samantha’s hurtful comments that the GC described as “repulsive”.

The Emmerdale actress also shockingly admitted that she’d love to “beat” Gemma if they ever crossed paths.

Samantha, 50, fell for reality TV stars in the scathing interview, claiming that people who appear on reality shows — like Gemma — are “talentless” and that she “has no idea who they are.”

“All those reality stars, I have no idea who they are,” she insisted.

The Emmerdale actress shockingly admitted she ‘would love to hit Gemma’


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Samantha, 50, lashes out at reality TV stars in scathing interview


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Speaking to the Daily Star, the Emmerdale actress then launched a personal attack on Gemma, who is known as one of the UK’s biggest and most successful stars to emerge from the reality TV scene.

“That Gemma Collins, I think I’d hit her if I ever met her,” the soap star said.

“I don’t know – how could someone so talentless and repulsive have made so much money.

“I wouldn’t mind if she gave it away and did some good with it, but all she seems to do is put more s*** on her face and do her nails.”

Gemma took to her Instagram stories to hit back by encouraging her fans to ‘be nice’


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After discovering the comments Samantha made about her in the “hurtful” interview, Gemma took to her Instagram stories to hit back by encouraging her fans to “be nice.”

The Diva Forever star reposted excerpts from the interview to her Instagram story as she admitted she was once a fan of Samantha but was shocked by her cruel comments.

“I can’t find anyone who wants to joke with me,” Gemma wrote with the screenshots of the interview.

“Really disturbing. To think I loved her in Corrie,” the star continued – despite the fact that Samantha never appeared on Coronation Street.

“There’s nothing wrong with reality stars. We all got a chance and we made the best of it,” Gemma added.

The GC hit back at the Emmerdale actress

Following Samantha’s shocking comments about Gemma, the GC’s loyal fans took to Twitter to share their support for the reality TV icon.

“How can anyone in the same industry as Gemma Collins claim to want to hit her? That’s kinda awful and stupid to say in an interview,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Samantha Giles craves attention or is just a pure mean witch. She WISHES she was as popular as our WG,” echoed another.

Meanwhile, a third shouted, “Come on Gemma. Take her jealous as a compliment, honey.”

Samantha has not yet responded to Gemma’s comments.

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