Gas stations list the shocking amount they are allowed to keep from the money you spend there to refuel your car

A gas station in Wales has explained the profit it makes from a sale after a customer complained to the company: “I wanted to fill up with fuel, but not at that price.”

Due to the fuel cost crisis, petrol prices have risen by an average of 24 pence per liter (to 182.31 pence) since the end of February and diesel prices by 30 pence (to 188.05 pence). The cost of filling an average family car has now reached £100.27 for petrol and £103.43 for diesel, as demand for non-Russian crude has increased and the pound struggles against the dollar.

Garage Brian Llewelyn A’i Ferched in Eglwyswrw, Pembrokeshire posted on Facebook about an exchange with a customer despairing of the recent surge. “Tonight we had a customer who showed up after we got rid of the pole signs while we were closing,” the message read. “This person stopped at the pump and saw that it was 193.9 pence a litre. They came into the store and said, ‘I would put fuel in it, but not at that price.’

“I said, ‘I’m sorry, but it’s not my fault.’ For anyone who thinks it’s the gas station itself that makes the money right now, here’s a quick rundown of how little gas stations actually make money from the price of fuel.”

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The company explained that a sale of £100 diesel for 193.9 pence per liter was good for 51.57 liters of diesel – with a profit of 4 pence per liter leaving £2.06 for the service station. And if the £100 is paid by credit card, the card company charges £1.69 interest on the transaction. That leaves the garage at 37p – and that’s before taking out overheads like electricity, maintenance and wages.

A similar overview was shared by the Gulf Tanerdy Garage, a family-run gas station on the outskirts of Carmarthen, which posted on Facebook: “While as a local business we fully understand the frustrations with all the price increases, ESPECIALLY the fuel that helps you get around and again, we have given you an honest overview of your petrol/diesel expenses.

“Of the £50 you spend on fuel this week in Tanerdy or Gwalia, we will forward the following: Tax (fuel tax): £13.94. Tax (VAT): £8.33. Gulf: £26.35. £48.62 in total. We keep £1.38 to pay tariffs, energy costs, wages, national insurance, pension contributions, etc.”

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