Gas station cuts prices below $1 per gallon due to outage

A gas station outage on Thursday allowed drivers to fill their tanks for an astonishingly low price at a spot in California.

Customers were surprised to see a price of 69 cents per gallon at a Shell station in Rancho Cordova. The award excited a number of drivers, such as Darryl Surita, who shared his expletives of glee on social media.

“when gas is” [69] cents a gallon, this whole bastard is filled,” Surita said in a video showing the gas station.

“I started looking around and everyone was smiling like everyone had a big smile and they weren’t looking you in the eye,” he said.

The low price can be attributed to a pump failure, according to ABC affiliate KGO-TV, and it took about three hours for the station to correct the error.

The error was due to a “misplaced decimal point,” the news outlet said, and would be $6.99 a gallon for premium.

According to The Associated Press, prices have risen since April 2020, passing $4 a gallon in March.

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