Garden Hacks To Make You Grow…Free | The Canberra Times

Most gardeners have collected tools, often of good quality, passed down from parents or grandparents. But you can do without them. Wheelbarrows are great, but any old sheet or blanket can be spread out and weeds and other stuff piled and transported in them. For a long time I had a favorite spoon that I used to put seedlings or rows of seeds in. It was a sturdy, thick metal spoon, found in a workshop – modern spoons tend to bend – and did the job just as well as any trowel. If you make an above-ground garden with compost on a thin layer of newspaper, or better yet, bare soil, you don’t even need a shovel. You also don’t need fences unless you have free-range hens, curious wombats, gourmet wallabies, possums, or extremely energetic dogs that like to dig bare ground.

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