Gardaí confiscates phone and legal papers during search of businessman Seán Quinn .’s mansion

A Garda raid on businessman Seán Quinn’s home has been described by his lawyer as an “out of nowhere”. understands that agents today spent more than 90 minutes searching the former billionaire’s mansion before confiscating a phone and some legal documents.

Mr Quinn says he is not sure why Gardaí felt the need to obtain a search warrant.

A Garda spokesperson said they were doing this as part of “an ongoing criminal investigation into alleged criminal activity in Cavan and wider border area”.

Speaking to tonight, Mr Quinn’s lawyer Chris McGettigan said he has not yet received a formal statement.

He said Gardai had told them the searches were the result of complaints from members of QIH (Quinn Industrial Holdings) and QBRC (Quinn Business Retention Company), which has since been renamed Mannok.

Mr Quinn, who was once Ireland’s richest man, founded the companies but has relinquished control after losing millions in the economic crash.

McGettigan said his client is not aware of the allegations leveled against him.

He is waiting for information from senior gardaí in Cavan.

“We do not have the details of the complaints that have been filed. We’ve tried to ask these questions,” Mr McGettigan said.

When asked how Mr Quinn felt about the Garda operation, the attorney said: “It is deeply disturbing not to have the details of the allegations leveled against you.

“It is a fundamental principle of law that a person should know what allegations are being made against him.”

Mr Quinn has also told the BBC he does not know why Gardaí visited his home.

“They said it was coercion, cheating, intimidation, that sort of thing,” he said.

“So I asked them who I was harassing, this that and the other, and they said, ‘Look, we can’t tell you that. We just have to do our research, but that’s what we’re here for.’

“They never mentioned anything about crime. Unless harassment is crime, they never mentioned anything like that,” he added.

According to Mr. Quinn, he told gardaí, “It’s just a fishing expedition, that’s all I can see because you can’t tell me why you’re here.

“So they said they would investigate and report back. So they took my phone, they took my journal and they took big boxes of stuff and left with it.”

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