Furious elephant tramples woman, then comes back to drag her from the stake and dismember her corpse

A PENSIONER was trampled to death by an enraged elephant before the beast returned to drag her from a pyre and dismember her corpse.

Maya Murmu, 70, was fetching water in the village of Raipal, in eastern India, when an escaped elephant unleashed its fury on her.


A woman in India was kicked to death by an elephantCredit: Getty

The huge creature stomped on her and she was rushed to hospital, but died of her catastrophic injuries.

But in a cruel twist, the enraged elephant turned back and pulled her body from the pyre.

It trampled her body again, threw her around and destroyed her corpse before leaving the scene, Press Trust of India reports.

The elephant reportedly escaped from the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary in Jharkhand – 200 kilometers from where the brutal attack took place.

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According to local reports, the beast returned while Mrs. Murmu’s family was performing the last rites.

They were forced to finish the ceremony after the elephant strayed.

It comes after an elephant raged at a wedding after being startled by fireworks.

Shock footage showed the huge elephant flipping cars and destroying the venue after it was startled by the noise.

Meanwhile, panicked guests could be seen fleeing the scene.

The incident took place during a wedding in Uttar Pradesh, India.

When the groom Anand Tripathi, who was riding the animal, was welcomed, the fireworks erupted.

As soon as the elephant, who had been hired for the party, heard the sound, he started to get excited.

Sarai Inayat police damaged the animal in the hall and overturned six cars, the Times of India reported.

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It came after an elephant disemboweled and trampled a man during a horror attack in Kenya.

Charles Mutisya, 73, was attacked by the animal while working on his farm in Makueni.

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